28 July, 2008

Buka minda...

Terima kasih kepada saudara noorizam, saya telah mendapat gambaran sedikit sebanyak mengenai cara-cara untuk meletakkan banner di dalam blog saya setelah membaca panduan tentang pengiklanan melalui http://www.nuffnang.com/. Saudara noorizam boleh di hubungi melalui blognya di alamat http://www.noorizamshah.com/.

Sebenarnya banyak lagi cara untuk menjana pendapatan melalui internet selain dari menggunakan adsense..cuma masa yang tidak mengizinkin saya untuk mencari dan memahami web yang menawarkan perkhidmatan sedemikian. Ini kerana kesibukan dan ketiadaan akses kepada internet di tapak projek saya.

Kepada sesiapa yang belum bermula, cepat lah bermula menjana pendapatan melalui internet ini kerana ia boleh dijadikan sebagai side income kita atau kepada yang serius boleh menjadi pendapatan tetap kita. Jika nak dapatkan pandangan dan penerangan lebih lanjut bolehlah melayari blog saudara noorizam.


27 July, 2008

Mencari erti cinta sejati...

Cinta boleh membuat seseorang itu bahagia, sengsara, sedih, tak keruan, buntu dan juga seribu macam perasaan. Kadang kala cinta itu menjadkan seseorang itu lebih berani dan lebih bermotivasi. Cinta itu membawa seribu erti dan pengertian yang berbeza mengikut individu. Tetapi apa itu cinta sejati. Cinta sejati adalah suatu perkara yang amat sukar untuk diertikan dan ditafsirkan.

Perumpamaan cinta sejati itu adalah, diibaratkan kita berjalan di sebuah taman bunga yang sedang mekar. Kita di suruh untuk berjalan kehadapan dan memilih sekuntum bunga yang berada di hadapan kita yang kita merasakan amat cantik dari yang lain. Kita tidak dibenarkan untuk menoleh atau melangkah kebelakang sewaktu mencari bunga tersebut. Hasilnya, kita akan hampa kerana merasakan bunga yang berada di belakang kita adalah lebih cantik dari yang berada di hadapan kita.

Ini menunjukkan bahawa cinta sejati itu sukar untuk di temui dan mungkin apabila kita temuinya ianya sudah terlambat dan amatlah mustahil untuk berpatah balik. Jadi, kita hendaklah sentiasa menghargai setiap perasaan cinta yang hadir di dalam hidup kita dan menjaganya agar cinta tersebut tidak layu dan sentiasa berbunga.

Jadi kepada sesiapa yang belum menikmati perasaan cinta, bersabarlah kerana cinta itu akan hadir kepada semua individu secara semulajadi. Cinta yang hakiki adalah cinta kepada Maha Pencipta.

25 July, 2008

Is the world safe enough?

The world or the earth is should be a place where we live with other living creature together. We should share this ground with other creatures instead being greedy and say it only belong to the human. Supposedly, the big ground of the earth is enough to support the entire living thing. However, there are lies the dark side of this world instead of the happiness and enjoyment we seen today. If we observe and read in the newspaper, seen in the television and any other sources of the information, we will realize and see that our beloved world seems not safe enough to be live for us and for the next generation.

There are several reasons behind the phrases ‘world not safe enough’ for us to be live. This is not because the global warming we face today and it is not also because the uncontrolled pollution that been cause by human itself. But, it about the natural disaster that had hit us and also the crime that had happen all around the world. The natural disaster that had given the bad effect to us is such the big flood, typhoon, tsunami, earthquake and many others. Although we can predict the situation before the disaster hit, we could not stop it from happening.

The crime that had happened around us is like murderer, raping, suicide bombing and so on. Differ from the disaster that hit us, this crime could be stop if we get the cooperation and participant from the public and any other responsible parties. However, there are some similarities between both tragedies. The tragedy can strike and happen to us without we aware about it.

The natural disasters that strike us could cause us loss a lot from the property to the living hood. We need a lot of money to recover from the damages and rebuild the building or the facilities that had effect by the disaster. For example, the earthquake that strikes Indonesia’s Sumatra last year had causing the death about 23 people and 88 wounded people. The officials tallied more than 15,000 building collapsed or damaged buildings had been recorded during the earthquake. In Bengkulu, nearly 2,000 houses were totally flattened and nearly 4,000 others badly damaged from the disaster. About 90 local hospitals and clinics were also damaged. This situation had causing the Indonesian governments a large sum of money for fixing the damages that had happened.

I feel sorry for the Indonesian people from the disaster that hit them. I’m sure the earthquake had made the whole people in this world also feel sad and sympathy for them. It very sure if they had given option, they will choose to live at any other place that safer and secure. But for me, there are no longer so called the secure place in this world even in our country. The flood had happen to some country for example some place in Kelantan, Selangor and some others.

When talking about the flood. At Kampala a place in the African country had faced the worse flood in the three decade. About 300 death people had been recorded because of the flood. The flood also had stopped the daily activities for about 1.5 million people in that country. This would make the economic of African drop drastically. The flood had damages their house, crops, the facilities and many other things. It seems very sadness for an African country that classified as the poor country since they need to make the recovery for setting up their building, facilities and their economics.

I think, in this problem no one could be blame for the tragedy that had happened because of the nature. Of course, we also could not blame the nature since the disaster had happened on beyond of our control and it also has been destine by the God. So, I believe we should face the fate more patiently and bravely. But, I feel happy since there still have the sincere parties that willing to give the aid to the victims for supporting their live and reduce their burden in the living.

Last year, all over our country had been stunned by the found of death body late Nurin Jazlin. Before that, the late Altantuya Sharibu that had been killed with bomb had surprise all Malaysian people. Beside the threat from the natural disaster, we also face the threat from the human. From the news reported in television and information I get from reading the newspapers, internet and other sources of material has strengthen my though that this world is not safe anymore for us. The crimes that occur all over the world seem like hardly to be stop and prevent even by the authority body. They look like effortless to seize and avoid the crime from occur.

“World full of crime”, this phrases had appear in my mind while I read the news about the murderer, suicide bombing and raping. This criminal activity can be happened all of a sudden without we expect it to be happened. I still remember the World Trade Centre tragedy or famously called as “9-11 tragedy”. The building had collapsed due to the attack from the terrorist. This tragedy had result the large number of people death and many family had been suffer because losing their family members. At the moment, I do not believe that the World Trade Center would be collapsed easily. I think all the American people must be shocked with the news since their very famous building has wreck and flattered at the ground.

After some investigation had been done, they had blamed the Arabian man called Osama Bin Ladin. They believe Osama is the master mine for the tragedy and they started to look for Osama. Untill today, they had not found Osama. I believe Osama is only a reason for American especially George Bush to attack an Arab country to take control of their oil. Since today, many people still puzzle about the tragedy because the evidence found seems not relevant to relate the Arab country as the terrorist and the some evidence show that the tragedy is planned by the American country for their own benefit.

Sometime I wonder why people willing to do the suicidal bombing. Maybe, it all about the money or they force to do that because they had been black mail by some others. The people usually will carry the bomb under their shirt, usually the bomb called as C-4 and they will target and the place that surrounding by the crowd before they explode their self. During the 2nd world war, the Japanese had used this method. They called it as “Kamikaze”. Even the Japanese government had showed the pride for the family army that involve with the “Kamikaze” attack. For me, it sounds ridiculous for sacrifice and risking the life for the sake of other people. It looks like their life value is cheap and may be no value since they are willing to kill their self.

Instead of bombing the public, the criminal also tend to bomb the building. June 13th 2007, Al-Askari mosque at Iraq had been bomb. I’m sure all the people in this world will agree that the bombing of the religion building could not be forgiven since they not show the respect to the other religion. Beside suicidal bomb, they also use other method such loading the explosion in the bag, small lorry or a car and had been parked at the place where it crowd with many people. For example, they parked the car at the parking of the market. That show on safe place in this world.

In some case that occur at Baghdad, February 12th 2007, car bombing had kills at least 80 innocent people. I don’t understand why they tend to kill the innocent people. Are they doing because of the money, satisfaction, enjoyment or others. Only they have the answer for the question that keeps play in my mind. They physicologist believe that the person that do the suicide bomber, murder or any other crime had a mentally problem.

Many local people think that they are safe and secure to live in Malaysian. Today, we could not say that Malaysia can serve the better place for their pupil. The people of Malaysia had become more dangerous and aggressive toward each other. There is no polite Malaysian as before. They tend to do anything in getting what they need and fill their satisfaction for example robbing, killing and so on.

At Kuala Terengganu last year, Metro newspaper had reported that old granny been killed after she had falling from his motorcycle due his handbag had been snapped by two motorist. If we seen in the newspaper everyday, we can see that our Malaysian people had become furious and not friendly toward everybody even the older people or with the child and young people.

As I state before, this world is not safe enough for us to be living. Sometime the crime or disaster could hit our neighbor hood without we know about it. Some step could be taken like we should concern about the environment and people around us. It not strange things if the people that we trust, recognized and even the people next of us will done or tend to do the crime.