28 October, 2008

Ants Love Sugar? I don't Think So..

Yet, another articles i've read at livescience today. Ants prefer salt over sugar.
I`m quiet surprised with the topic highlight by the livescience today. It's unbelieveable and i could not accept it before i read all the articles by myself.
According to the articles, ants have less of a sweet tooth and more of a preference for salty snacks, at least when they live in salt-poor areas far from the ocean. From science view, all animals, insects and human need salt to maintain their body, muscle activity and water balance.
Ants need sugar just for their energy like us.
Since i know the fact. I could accept it and take it as one of precious knowledge that i've learned today.
But, i wonder why ants in my house still prefer sugar rather than salt. They tend to rush for sugar a.k.a sweet thing rather than rushing to salt bottle.
Are they had other source of salt?
Where they get the salt?
May i know?
Heh... If i found the sources, i could open the factory that produce salt.
Muakakakak !!!
p/s : ants force ready to attack salt factory..muakaka !!

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