30 November, 2008

Love or Hate ? McD..

I`m sure all of you love to eat McD..
Love to hang out with friends and family... at McD..
Sure you all know who is Ronald McDonald..
Actually he is bad guy..

See it by yourself..

Just for FUN !!!

6 Millions ++

Today i checked my blog ranking at Alexa.
My blog have move up to the rank 6,ooo,ooo ++. The movement from the rank 8,ooo,ooo ++ after 17 days. Its a great result?

Its ok for newbie like me.
There still a lot for me to learn.
But, I`m still happy for it..

28 November, 2008

Hot + Rain + Air Cond

Rainy day~
For me, rainy day is a lazy day..
Windy, Stormy.. Wet wet..
How to do work ?

alien13 and his adik

Congrats for me !!! And all my friends !!
Finally I`m graduated.. Business School at UiTM Shah Alam. Degree in International Business.
Last Saturday (22hb November 2008).
But, that evening is bit rainy. So, the pathway is crowded with people that runaway from the rain.

Today I got flu..
Bit cough..
A little fever..
But I still can manage it.. just take Uphamol 650..

The cause is.. exhausted while working and the effect of car air cond.
The story begin.. When I`m on my way back home at night from Kuala Selangor..
Stop at Carefour to buy some item.. I called my sister, she said to fetch her at her house at Pantai. Come out from Carrefour. The rain start and I said "Adus, basah.."

Inside the car, cannot open the windows. Got to turn on the air cond. Drive from Kapar to Bangsar. Then, from Bangsar back to Sijangkang. It take about 2 and half hour.

At the morning, I got sore throat and feel bit unwell.
By I force myself to get ready and ride morotcycle back to Kuala Selangor and continue my work.

Oh, oh.. oh..
I need a rest..

26 November, 2008

Nite to morning

Hello !!!
Remember my previous post?
If not.. just clicked here > clicked

Yesterday night, I came back to the shop. Of course, to buy some groceries. I remember about the 100Plus that we bought that previous night. I walk to the rack that placed the 100Plus. Yes !! Good news, The price sticker had been remove and the shop had use the price that printed at the Label..

Good !!
Then, the customer will not confious and the shop will retain the loyal customer..

22 November, 2008

A night to remember...

Been busy lately..
I've been at Kuala Selangor doing my work before attend my Degree Convocation Day's that yesterday (22 November 2008). Congrats to me !!!.

Now I got a free time to write my blog. Last Thursday night that 20th November, Me and Faisal went to Tanjung Karang. We would like to buy Satay at Satay Hut. The Satay quite delicious. The big satay price > Rm1.10. Walawei... when they would reduce the price.

Before that, we going to shop to buy some groceries. While waiting for my friends pick the item he would like to buy. I walk around the shop and I found something interesting....

Just look at this picture..

The worker put the price at the item.
But when look closely you will see...
will see...

What did you see?
100 plus activ isotonik drink..
Yap. The price at the label and the sticker is different right.
But the shop had won "Kedai Pilihan Pengguna" award for 2006/07.
The award was hang at the counter and I not dare enough to capture the picture.
Then, my friend pick a bottle of ordinary 100 plus which is Rm 2.90 at the label and Rm 3.00 at the sticker.
While pay at the counter, the receipt state the price Rm 2.90.
If it so, why stick the Rm 3.00 price sticker.
Consumer will get confious and hot temper guy would get angry.
Luckily, I`m cool ...

16 November, 2008

The 50 Chosen !!

See banner below..
Where did you see it?
Yes. YouthSays web page.
The title is : YouthSays "Real Voices" Project

I been selected to be among 50 chosen youth to represent voice of young Malaysian.
Last friday evening i got phone call form YouthSays.
It says that I been choose and it need me to check my email inbox for further info.

This what i got:
Hi there.

Congratulations! You are one of the 50 chosen youths to represent the voice of young Malaysians in the RM30,000 YouthSays Real Voices project. This means you'll be given 15 'chapters' to blog about, and upon completion, you'll be paid RM500. Every week, you're also eligible to get RM100 bonuses if your writing is deemed honest, and really shows us what you and your life is like.

Oh, i feel so excited.
But, then I need to blog at their site every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
I must follow the rule and strictly obligated to obey.
If I broke the rule or i did not submitted my articles I will be disqualified.

The first "chapter" called : This is Me.
They need all 50 "chosen" to blog about their life.
And I hope the remaning "chapters" to blog would not so difficult and complicated.
I got much to do till the completion of the project.
And I will to my best for all young Malaysian.

Thank You,
YouthSays for giving an opportunity to be part of the
"Real Voice" Project.

13 November, 2008

10 easy path to self destruction

Beware people..
What would you done today might lead you to kill your self in the future..
This what i read at livescience, and i like to share with all of you..

The top 10 easy path to self destruction
Sacrifice sleep
Ignore the Doctor
Dump down your brain
Have a lot of sex
Drive a lot
Drink a lot (alcohol)
Stress out
Watch a lot TV program
Eat junk food

Then, if you still love your life.
You still value your day..
Avoid doing all that above.

peace no war !!

12 November, 2008

Paparazzi In The Making?

Meaning > (Wikipedia) : photographer that take candid picture of celebs...
I`m not that type of paparazzi, but i`m the paparazzi for my classmate. Take their candid picture at laugh at them, publish it at Friendster and Multiply.
Thats the time when i studying at UiTM, Shah Alam. But now, all that just a memory that would remain forever and ever.

Since everyone now called as employee not student anymore.
I feel very happy take my friends picture either candid or not.
But, i prefer candid since they will show their real face without smile or happy face or others.
I just like it. Heh.

Its my hobby for taking picture of living things or unliving things.
Here some candid, potrait and others picture i would like to share..
I use the Snap and Go concepts..


Picture of my "kakak"
> Picture taken during Futsal Event "me as official photographer" <

> Picture taken during Janda Baik Camp "me as one of committee" <

> Title : "Guys see future" <

> meeting about seminar .. they yell !!, argue, mumbling.. <

> love this picture, everyone look serious except Adel the girl that smile.. spoil !! <

> beautiful flower .. fall in love with it <

> walawei.. syiok shopping at Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia <

> it happen in just second when i said " ready!! " suddenly there are
additional people. The original model is at the left <

> nice view "Lobang Japan" Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia <

> title : broken heart <
then, she yell at me, "delete the picture !!"

> situation look like.. waa, an artist. Take picture <

> i feel like look inside the mirror <

For the last,
Tribute for my former class mate..

All the best for you guys !!
Proud to be IB paparazzi..

10 November, 2008

Ah - hA

Ah - Ha ...
What would you think about this phrase..

Ah - Ha ...
The show that hosted by Afdlin Shauki and Harith Iskandar. My favorite duo. Heh
It`s a comedy show that broadcast at TV3 long time ago.
As i know, Ah - Ha got 2 seasons.
Where the 3rd season?
I been waiting till today. Heh

It a nice show to enjoy. To rest and to chill our time.
They got short comedy in the show entitled pensil berbulu senyum, anugerah bulan bintang, teaching english and many more.
Also got soap opera called Samonella. A "merepek" story. Hahaha

Here got some to share with all !!


The Famous "Along Bukit Beruntung"

Gud Luck For SPM candidates !!
Also for those that will sit any kind of exam..
This for you !!

09 November, 2008

Been hit?

This is the back of my brother car's. Toyota Vios.
I wonder which vehicles hit it?
"D" and "C" had a scratch.
"A" and "B" like it been hit by others vehicle either when it want to parking or what ..

So sad, the car age only 2 month. But it had scar. Huhuhu..
SCAR ~ !!

Actually my brother not around. He work at Doha, Qatar.
So, his car under me and my sis responsibility.

My sis used the car to take photo (wedding ceremony). As part time job.
Then, she sent it back home at night.
Until then, the car not move anywhere.
Next day i go to shop to buy 2 tongs of Gas. Nothing happen.
Then, a day later.. early morning, my mum shout "Nape belakang kereta tue ade gores2"
At that time, she swept the compound la.
So, i come out and see it. "O..what happen lo"

Then, i MMS the picture to my sis ask her what had happened.
She did not know the car had been hit.

Then, i send the picture to my brother.
He had same opinion with me.
It had been hit by something when the "something" want to park or reverse.
Maybe the "something".. 4WD, lorries?

Now, need money to fix it..
Hard to get..
Easy to go..

p/s: how much r tue fix it?

07 November, 2008


Actually TNH, i dunno what his real name.. guy from Sarawak ask me how many died because of shark. I`m not sure how many since i`m not work with national geographic dept. Heh. But, i will try the best to explain about this so called predator of the open seas.

There are various kind of shark out there..
Bull Shark, Great White Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Nurse Shark, Sand Tiger Shark, Tiger Shark and Whale Shark.
This info taken from National Geographic page about Shark.

Called pups.
There are three ways shark born.
Eggs are laid, eggs hatch inside mother and born and pups shark grow inside the mother.
Shark can have 1 - 1oo pups at a time and depend on type of shark. The shark that ha pups grow inside mother had fewer babies.
Shark not care for their babies after born but they search for safe place for lay eggs or give birth.

The most dangerous shark is White Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Tiger Shark and Bull Shark.
Averagely, there are about 100 shark attack report every year and 10 of that those result for human died.

Human kill thousand of shark every years for food. Take their skins, fins, livers and meat.
Then, human pollute our oceans. It effect the ecosystem and would make shark extincts.
It had placed shark as same as Tiger, Rhinoceros, Orang Utan and some other endanger species.
Compare for what shark did and human did.
Which one is dangerous?

With this little explanation, i hope all of you know about shark.
Shark not dangerous as you think. Shark is shy animal.
Shark attack due some reason. For foods or they feel unsecured.
People get attack by shark because they enter shark territory and make them feel unsecured.
Maybe the lack of food brought shark to beach and make them attack people.
They need to fill their hunger right?
Lack of food is cause by human.. pollute their place.
So, don`t blame shark as you been attack.

Well then,
Love our Nature !!!

Wikipedia: Shark
Shark in danger
Shark attack

Picture of Happiness

Would like to share some picture that could cheer your day !!
The picture that would bring happiness to your life and erase all your sadness..
The picture that would heal your stress and pressure.. I hope..
Enjoy !!
Eaten alive by Jaws !!!
Funny bus, advertisment by national geographic.
Look so real !!

Cool Gadget of the Year !! 
Gadget that all you must have!!
Hurry.. get it at your nearest store..
Only Dummies would buy this.

DiGi invade our earth?
DiGi had launch big duck to compete with others telco..
The Yellow men failed to fight other telco.. Hahaha
Just joke la..
I will follow You ~
Being single is wrong !!!
Meaning of this advertisement is,
it is so bad being single..
good when we got couple..
but more better when we practice poligamy..
women.. are you agree?
Dog Vader or Dark Vader ?
 This is the Dark Vader that had been cursed to be dog..
It will transform to real macho man when been kissed by a girl ??
But, who want macho man that will invade earth?
Costume for the dog.
All dog lover.. would you buy it for your pet?
Quiet nice la..
You can bring your dog to Costplay or Costume Party right?

Back to early ages !! 
This is how people burn CD's before any technology invented.
Heh. Trust me..
This is true meh !!
Where is Nemo? Anyone?
Would you tell me, where is Nemo?
I could'nt find it..
Nemo !! Where are you !!
Hey, japs.. did you see Nemo?
Cop? Where?
Could you spot any cop at this picture?
I think this would be cool if place at our country right?
Sign like "Beware..Cop in front" or "Cop in work 500m"
Or else..
Dumb or Blind ?
 The question is : Find x.
That is.. Where x?
The student could'nt find it.

Attention please ~
Heh. A sign made by cockroaches lover or maybe cockroaches itself.
Please.. do not make cockroaches angry or they will bite you.
Complain? No more..
Dare enough to complain?
Think twice or just forget your inetention to complain.

So, how you feel right now?
More better?
If not.. Run as fast as you can and hit a wall with your head !!
Just kidding..
Have a messy wonderful life !!

06 November, 2008

Number 1

Barack Obama (New American President) and Lewis Hamilton (New F1 World Champion)

Look at both pictures.. What would you see?
Look closely.. Look for a minutes and think something about them. Did you know who are they?
Barack Obama, The New American President and Lewis Hamilton, New F1 Driver World Championship.
I found something interesting to share with all of you.. Just my opinion with adding some fact..
Just and information.. Don`t take it too serious la..

Here, what i found when i look at both of picture...
The similarity of both personality :

1. Both are the first. First black that hold the title number one. Barack Obama is number one in USA and probably in world. Lewis Hamilton also the number one in Formula One Driver Championship. Like a coencident, but it true and it happen !!

2. Both had same face. Heh. They share the same smile right ?. Just look it closely... Am i right? Even, some people said that Lewis face look like as Walcott but i think it more to Obama.

3. Both still young. Heh. Barack Obama born 1961 and now 47 years old, still young!!.While Lewis Hamilton born 1985, now 23 years old.

4. Both have to face the challenge their rival which had white skin colour. Heh. Mc Cain and F.Massa had white skin colour right?. Not white, i mean not black la..

5. There are place called Obama town at Japan and place called Hamilton at UK. How it can be? Heh.

6. Both speak in English. Heh.

Did you all agree with me. With my analysis. Heh.
That what i had found today.. if you had more info about the similarity of this people. Just let me know.

04 November, 2008

Women... hands down !!!

For those women out there !!!
Please wash your hand everytime you want to touch something especially food. Heh.
Recently new study found that women got variety of bacteria more than men on theirs hands.
That variety not single.. it seem like horrible..
Some suggestion said that, it all about acidity on the hands where men have more acidic skin than women. Others said it cause by hormone or by the cosmetics used by them. Then, women also have bacteria that living under their skin which are not accessible to washing.
Even though bacteria could be not eliminate by washing, we are urged to wash our hand to keep our hygiene. However, holding hand with women would not harm men as long as both of them know to take care of their hygiene right?.
Not my intention to said that, women is the dangerous since they got many bacteria. Not. What i`m going to ssid here is, we either male or female to take care our hygiene since we was surrounding by bacteria. Bacteria at floor, wall, keyboard, cloth and more places. 
Heh. So, the best to do is take care our hygiene.