13 November, 2008

10 easy path to self destruction

Beware people..
What would you done today might lead you to kill your self in the future..
This what i read at livescience, and i like to share with all of you..

The top 10 easy path to self destruction
Sacrifice sleep
Ignore the Doctor
Dump down your brain
Have a lot of sex
Drive a lot
Drink a lot (alcohol)
Stress out
Watch a lot TV program
Eat junk food

Then, if you still love your life.
You still value your day..
Avoid doing all that above.

peace no war !!


3POINT8 said...

main cause of "sacrifise sleep" is sleep itself. Main cause of "ignore the doctor" is the doctor itself.

In order your the top 2 in your list, we need to avoid the cause, the root of it all, no?

Well then, I guess I should avoid sleep and all docs.

Anonymous said...

Saying the wrong thing might lead you to kill yourself in the future too, PEACE NO WAR? but i think you are trying to create a war here.