10 November, 2008

Ah - hA

Ah - Ha ...
What would you think about this phrase..

Ah - Ha ...
The show that hosted by Afdlin Shauki and Harith Iskandar. My favorite duo. Heh
It`s a comedy show that broadcast at TV3 long time ago.
As i know, Ah - Ha got 2 seasons.
Where the 3rd season?
I been waiting till today. Heh

It a nice show to enjoy. To rest and to chill our time.
They got short comedy in the show entitled pensil berbulu senyum, anugerah bulan bintang, teaching english and many more.
Also got soap opera called Samonella. A "merepek" story. Hahaha

Here got some to share with all !!


The Famous "Along Bukit Beruntung"

Gud Luck For SPM candidates !!
Also for those that will sit any kind of exam..
This for you !!


emme said...

Orang genius je yang paham lawak diorang ni.. :D

alien said...

nama die lawak terpelajar kot..