09 November, 2008

Been hit?

This is the back of my brother car's. Toyota Vios.
I wonder which vehicles hit it?
"D" and "C" had a scratch.
"A" and "B" like it been hit by others vehicle either when it want to parking or what ..

So sad, the car age only 2 month. But it had scar. Huhuhu..
SCAR ~ !!

Actually my brother not around. He work at Doha, Qatar.
So, his car under me and my sis responsibility.

My sis used the car to take photo (wedding ceremony). As part time job.
Then, she sent it back home at night.
Until then, the car not move anywhere.
Next day i go to shop to buy 2 tongs of Gas. Nothing happen.
Then, a day later.. early morning, my mum shout "Nape belakang kereta tue ade gores2"
At that time, she swept the compound la.
So, i come out and see it. "O..what happen lo"

Then, i MMS the picture to my sis ask her what had happened.
She did not know the car had been hit.

Then, i send the picture to my brother.
He had same opinion with me.
It had been hit by something when the "something" want to park or reverse.
Maybe the "something".. 4WD, lorries?

Now, need money to fix it..
Hard to get..
Easy to go..

p/s: how much r tue fix it?


Johnny Ong said...

awwwwwwwww sakit hati betul

alien said...

sakit hati lo..