28 November, 2008

Hot + Rain + Air Cond

Rainy day~
For me, rainy day is a lazy day..
Windy, Stormy.. Wet wet..
How to do work ?

alien13 and his adik

Congrats for me !!! And all my friends !!
Finally I`m graduated.. Business School at UiTM Shah Alam. Degree in International Business.
Last Saturday (22hb November 2008).
But, that evening is bit rainy. So, the pathway is crowded with people that runaway from the rain.

Today I got flu..
Bit cough..
A little fever..
But I still can manage it.. just take Uphamol 650..

The cause is.. exhausted while working and the effect of car air cond.
The story begin.. When I`m on my way back home at night from Kuala Selangor..
Stop at Carefour to buy some item.. I called my sister, she said to fetch her at her house at Pantai. Come out from Carrefour. The rain start and I said "Adus, basah.."

Inside the car, cannot open the windows. Got to turn on the air cond. Drive from Kapar to Bangsar. Then, from Bangsar back to Sijangkang. It take about 2 and half hour.

At the morning, I got sore throat and feel bit unwell.
By I force myself to get ready and ride morotcycle back to Kuala Selangor and continue my work.

Oh, oh.. oh..
I need a rest..


CoklatChips said...

Tahniah2.Best oo abis blajar.Haha.

alien said...

tq bro

farhanaLicious said...

wah. saya tak saba nak tunggu time tu. ;]

alien said...