30 November, 2008

Love or Hate ? McD..

I`m sure all of you love to eat McD..
Love to hang out with friends and family... at McD..
Sure you all know who is Ronald McDonald..
Actually he is bad guy..

See it by yourself..

Just for FUN !!!


Harmony said...

He is bad .. he created alot of fat fats.

The Spiral Eyes said...

tobat tak makan mekdi kalu lagu ni

slumbeRAJA said...

haha. lawak.

meo188 said...

mek donald jd orang jahat pula!!

alien said...

Harmony: yeah.. fats kids.. he promote unhealthy food..

The Spiral Eyes: Makan otai burger la.. x pun burger ramli.. hehehe

slumbeRAJA: hiburan menenangkan jiwa..

meo188: mek donald mmg jahat kot..