22 November, 2008

A night to remember...

Been busy lately..
I've been at Kuala Selangor doing my work before attend my Degree Convocation Day's that yesterday (22 November 2008). Congrats to me !!!.

Now I got a free time to write my blog. Last Thursday night that 20th November, Me and Faisal went to Tanjung Karang. We would like to buy Satay at Satay Hut. The Satay quite delicious. The big satay price > Rm1.10. Walawei... when they would reduce the price.

Before that, we going to shop to buy some groceries. While waiting for my friends pick the item he would like to buy. I walk around the shop and I found something interesting....

Just look at this picture..

The worker put the price at the item.
But when look closely you will see...
will see...

What did you see?
100 plus activ isotonik drink..
Yap. The price at the label and the sticker is different right.
But the shop had won "Kedai Pilihan Pengguna" award for 2006/07.
The award was hang at the counter and I not dare enough to capture the picture.
Then, my friend pick a bottle of ordinary 100 plus which is Rm 2.90 at the label and Rm 3.00 at the sticker.
While pay at the counter, the receipt state the price Rm 2.90.
If it so, why stick the Rm 3.00 price sticker.
Consumer will get confious and hot temper guy would get angry.
Luckily, I`m cool ...


Johnny Ong said...

good observation. i wld have blogged abt the same thing if i have seen it

alien said...