06 November, 2008

Number 1

Barack Obama (New American President) and Lewis Hamilton (New F1 World Champion)

Look at both pictures.. What would you see?
Look closely.. Look for a minutes and think something about them. Did you know who are they?
Barack Obama, The New American President and Lewis Hamilton, New F1 Driver World Championship.
I found something interesting to share with all of you.. Just my opinion with adding some fact..
Just and information.. Don`t take it too serious la..

Here, what i found when i look at both of picture...
The similarity of both personality :

1. Both are the first. First black that hold the title number one. Barack Obama is number one in USA and probably in world. Lewis Hamilton also the number one in Formula One Driver Championship. Like a coencident, but it true and it happen !!

2. Both had same face. Heh. They share the same smile right ?. Just look it closely... Am i right? Even, some people said that Lewis face look like as Walcott but i think it more to Obama.

3. Both still young. Heh. Barack Obama born 1961 and now 47 years old, still young!!.While Lewis Hamilton born 1985, now 23 years old.

4. Both have to face the challenge their rival which had white skin colour. Heh. Mc Cain and F.Massa had white skin colour right?. Not white, i mean not black la..

5. There are place called Obama town at Japan and place called Hamilton at UK. How it can be? Heh.

6. Both speak in English. Heh.

Did you all agree with me. With my analysis. Heh.
That what i had found today.. if you had more info about the similarity of this people. Just let me know.