12 November, 2008

Paparazzi In The Making?

Meaning > (Wikipedia) : photographer that take candid picture of celebs...
I`m not that type of paparazzi, but i`m the paparazzi for my classmate. Take their candid picture at laugh at them, publish it at Friendster and Multiply.
Thats the time when i studying at UiTM, Shah Alam. But now, all that just a memory that would remain forever and ever.

Since everyone now called as employee not student anymore.
I feel very happy take my friends picture either candid or not.
But, i prefer candid since they will show their real face without smile or happy face or others.
I just like it. Heh.

Its my hobby for taking picture of living things or unliving things.
Here some candid, potrait and others picture i would like to share..
I use the Snap and Go concepts..


Picture of my "kakak"
> Picture taken during Futsal Event "me as official photographer" <

> Picture taken during Janda Baik Camp "me as one of committee" <

> Title : "Guys see future" <

> meeting about seminar .. they yell !!, argue, mumbling.. <

> love this picture, everyone look serious except Adel the girl that smile.. spoil !! <

> beautiful flower .. fall in love with it <

> walawei.. syiok shopping at Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia <

> it happen in just second when i said " ready!! " suddenly there are
additional people. The original model is at the left <

> nice view "Lobang Japan" Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia <

> title : broken heart <
then, she yell at me, "delete the picture !!"

> situation look like.. waa, an artist. Take picture <

> i feel like look inside the mirror <

For the last,
Tribute for my former class mate..

All the best for you guys !!
Proud to be IB paparazzi..

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