07 November, 2008

Picture of Happiness

Would like to share some picture that could cheer your day !!
The picture that would bring happiness to your life and erase all your sadness..
The picture that would heal your stress and pressure.. I hope..
Enjoy !!
Eaten alive by Jaws !!!
Funny bus, advertisment by national geographic.
Look so real !!

Cool Gadget of the Year !! 
Gadget that all you must have!!
Hurry.. get it at your nearest store..
Only Dummies would buy this.

DiGi invade our earth?
DiGi had launch big duck to compete with others telco..
The Yellow men failed to fight other telco.. Hahaha
Just joke la..
I will follow You ~
Being single is wrong !!!
Meaning of this advertisement is,
it is so bad being single..
good when we got couple..
but more better when we practice poligamy..
women.. are you agree?
Dog Vader or Dark Vader ?
 This is the Dark Vader that had been cursed to be dog..
It will transform to real macho man when been kissed by a girl ??
But, who want macho man that will invade earth?
Costume for the dog.
All dog lover.. would you buy it for your pet?
Quiet nice la..
You can bring your dog to Costplay or Costume Party right?

Back to early ages !! 
This is how people burn CD's before any technology invented.
Heh. Trust me..
This is true meh !!
Where is Nemo? Anyone?
Would you tell me, where is Nemo?
I could'nt find it..
Nemo !! Where are you !!
Hey, japs.. did you see Nemo?
Cop? Where?
Could you spot any cop at this picture?
I think this would be cool if place at our country right?
Sign like "Beware..Cop in front" or "Cop in work 500m"
Or else..
Dumb or Blind ?
 The question is : Find x.
That is.. Where x?
The student could'nt find it.

Attention please ~
Heh. A sign made by cockroaches lover or maybe cockroaches itself.
Please.. do not make cockroaches angry or they will bite you.
Complain? No more..
Dare enough to complain?
Think twice or just forget your inetention to complain.

So, how you feel right now?
More better?
If not.. Run as fast as you can and hit a wall with your head !!
Just kidding..
Have a messy wonderful life !!


Johnny Ong said...

that digi yellow duck and dvd rewinder top the chart

alien said...