07 November, 2008


Actually TNH, i dunno what his real name.. guy from Sarawak ask me how many died because of shark. I`m not sure how many since i`m not work with national geographic dept. Heh. But, i will try the best to explain about this so called predator of the open seas.

There are various kind of shark out there..
Bull Shark, Great White Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Nurse Shark, Sand Tiger Shark, Tiger Shark and Whale Shark.
This info taken from National Geographic page about Shark.

Called pups.
There are three ways shark born.
Eggs are laid, eggs hatch inside mother and born and pups shark grow inside the mother.
Shark can have 1 - 1oo pups at a time and depend on type of shark. The shark that ha pups grow inside mother had fewer babies.
Shark not care for their babies after born but they search for safe place for lay eggs or give birth.

The most dangerous shark is White Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Tiger Shark and Bull Shark.
Averagely, there are about 100 shark attack report every year and 10 of that those result for human died.

Human kill thousand of shark every years for food. Take their skins, fins, livers and meat.
Then, human pollute our oceans. It effect the ecosystem and would make shark extincts.
It had placed shark as same as Tiger, Rhinoceros, Orang Utan and some other endanger species.
Compare for what shark did and human did.
Which one is dangerous?

With this little explanation, i hope all of you know about shark.
Shark not dangerous as you think. Shark is shy animal.
Shark attack due some reason. For foods or they feel unsecured.
People get attack by shark because they enter shark territory and make them feel unsecured.
Maybe the lack of food brought shark to beach and make them attack people.
They need to fill their hunger right?
Lack of food is cause by human.. pollute their place.
So, don`t blame shark as you been attack.

Well then,
Love our Nature !!!

Wikipedia: Shark
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