04 November, 2008

Women... hands down !!!

For those women out there !!!
Please wash your hand everytime you want to touch something especially food. Heh.
Recently new study found that women got variety of bacteria more than men on theirs hands.
That variety not single.. it seem like horrible..
Some suggestion said that, it all about acidity on the hands where men have more acidic skin than women. Others said it cause by hormone or by the cosmetics used by them. Then, women also have bacteria that living under their skin which are not accessible to washing.
Even though bacteria could be not eliminate by washing, we are urged to wash our hand to keep our hygiene. However, holding hand with women would not harm men as long as both of them know to take care of their hygiene right?.
Not my intention to said that, women is the dangerous since they got many bacteria. Not. What i`m going to ssid here is, we either male or female to take care our hygiene since we was surrounding by bacteria. Bacteria at floor, wall, keyboard, cloth and more places. 
Heh. So, the best to do is take care our hygiene.

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