01 December, 2008

The Big Four Today

Everyone notice that the big four consist of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United.
This four team had their own style of playing football.
They also got huge number of fans around the world.
They also got interesting history.

Arsene Wenger the manager. The talented manager that got ability to scout the young player potential.
Arsenal play and enjoy a lot of pass and had been declared as the most interesting team in EPL.
They had the "beauty game" compare to others rivals.
Supposedly, they are the main contender to win the EPL title this season, but due to the departure of Hleb and Flamini had made them bit fragile and been not consistent.
In addition, the problem create by Gallas had made them easily crush by others ordinary rivals.
The appoinment of new team leader had bring them back on track. Winning game agains Kiev at Champion League.
While defeat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge yesterday by 2-1.
The Gunners may lack in experience since the oldest player is in the field is 31 years old.
But the spirit will overcome the weakness.
Wee will see what Gunners do next since the game still early to predict who gonna be crown as EPL champs.

The most stronger team under Mourinho. Respected team under Grant as manager.
While bit shacking under new manager; Scolari. The record of undefeated at home ground has break.
Crush by Gunners at Stamford Bridge. Now, Chelsea must regain their confident to face the battle at Champion League or they will knock out from that competition.
Roman Abramovich no longer the richest in EPL. His title had been taken by Man City Owner.
From my view, Chelsea need Drogba to regain his top form to win a lot of goals form their opponents.
With 3 EPL title. Will Chelsea make it 4th this season?
Just wait n see..

The Reds. The English club that had great history in EPL and Champion League.
The Rafa team`s seem strong in this starting season like previous seasons. But their performance slumps at the end of seasons for the previous seasons.
But, they doing success in the Champion League.
Their wonderkid "Torres" will remain in the sideline for few game. It would effect the team performance.
The result between West Ham would determine either Liverpool could take over the EPL leader from Chelsea.
As Liverpool remain consistent from the start till the beginning, their opprtunity to grab the EPL crown this year would be achieaveble.
But, will their rivals let them doing so?

Red Devils. The famous name among the big four.
Lead by Fergie. Had undergo successfull day under his managemnet.
Their key man "Ronaldo" had sent off while face Manchester City.
Ronaldo gone, the team will be bit undanger and beatable. Time for other team take advantage by Ronaldo absent.
As the last season, the team had slow start and got more confident and strong till the end of seasons.
They got double last season with EPL and Champion League.
Their new guy "Berbatov" seem useless. I prefer Tevez than Berbatov.
Will they manage to repeat the Double for this sesaon?
This seasons seems Aston Villa and Hull City manage to reach top 4 but, then go down.
Manchester City with the most expensive player; Robinho only manage to get 14 in the position.
Tottenham, last season the competitive team. Had been easily crush with the departure of Keane and Berbatov. But they manage to bounch back with new manager.
The EPL will be crown to the most consistent team in the league.
Which team gonna make it..
Just wait n See..


Funda said...

FUCK YOU if u prefer Berbatov than Tevez.

Fucker have you ever seen silky, sublime, beautiful skillfull Berba paying???

Even Alan shearer says gr8 about him.
who the fuck are you.. mf


alien said...

Rileks bro..

Harmony said...

I think Aston villa and Manchester City might break through this season

alien said...

Aston Villa maybe..
Man City i don`t think so.. they need good coach..