07 December, 2008

Football Fever~

The big four match today..
Just a summary of the match..

Arsenal 1
Wigan o

Just a gol from Adebayor the togo striker at first half enough for Arsenal grab 3 points from Emirates Stadium. Its their 3rd victory under new captain Cesc Fabregas. The victory over Wigan shows that Arsenal still on the track to grab the EPL crown.

Blackburn 1
Liverpool 3

The second half goal from Alonso, Benayoun and Gerrard ensure Liverpool remain on the top spot with single point different from Chelsea. Even Blackburn try to fight back, they manage to get only goal score by Santa Cruz. The team got a lot work to do to defend the top spot until the X-mass Eve.

Bolton o
Chelsea 2

As what I expected, Bolton get defeated at their Arena, Reebok Stadium. Early goal from Anelka and Deco had put Chelsea back to hunt Liverpool after their defeated to Arsenal at Stamford Bridge. Scolari could rest and take a breath after their "soldier" regain their form.

Man U 1
Sunderland o

What can I says. Lucky Man Utd, got 3 points by the Vidic last minutes goal. The points had close the gab with the leader by 6 points. Until the X-Mass the match will get harder and harder. Red Devils had show the good game even with slow start.

All the big four manage to grab the full points from their match.
The consistent team would finally be the Champs..


Ir. hydir said...

all the big 4 is winning so the league standing will remain the same ..

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CoklatChips said...

Last2 Manchester jugak yg dapat.

alien said...

Ir. hydir: yeah.. i`ve visit it

CoklatChips: last minit gol..

Johnny Ong said...

man utd is known for their last minute goals and they are getting closer

alien said...

but the season just begin...