11 December, 2008

Jollbot the jumping robot..

See this first..

This is the first robot that could leap over obstacle and roll over said the engineer Rhodri Armour and colleagues from the University of Bath's Center for Biomimetic & Natural Technologies in England.

They created that things for an intention to exploring the space. Now, they still doing the R&D to improve that Jollbot performance. Just click here to read more. Another technology development.  Hehehe.

Jollbot !! Roll Out !!


Anonymous said...

Not bad, but its slow..

alien said...

Tech will develop soon maybe..
jus like car.. the 1st car not fast rite..

CoklatChips said...

Aku trungin nk buat 1.Haha.

alien said...

buat la lebih.. boleh pas kat aku gak