30 December, 2008

Lets do tag !!

Tag by Rahilah Yusof, Rainah twin sister.. They currently further their study (master) at UK. Which part? Erm, I forgot.. Hehehe

What were the 5 things on your list to do today?

1. Surf Internet
2. Playing Football Manager
3. Watching Television
4. Enjoy Holiday..
5. Rest.. Hehehe

What are the snacks that you enjoy?

1. Kerepek
2. Cake
3. Biskut
4. Chocolate
5. Mee Jawa

What are 5 things you do if you are a billionaire

1. Saving a portion.. maybe 10-20 million?
2. Invest into bizz
3. Give some to parents and siblings
4. Do charity.. sumbang ke "Pusat Zakat"
5. Travelling

What 5 jobs you've had

1. Fishmonger
2. Part time as Kitchen Helper, Cashier and Waiters at Shakey`s Summit, Subang
3. As a assistant or promoter for studio (Picture) during Graduation Day at Uitm, Shah Alam.
4. As Support Team for Hikers Climber Adventure Team.
5. Currently.. being a modern farmer.

Who are the 5 person you want to tag

1. Candylips_izy
2. FarhanaLicious
3. Finas
4. Topotato
5. Apple


candylips_izy said...

haih..diriku di atas skali...

heeee...akan diusahakan yah..!!

apple Sweet said...

owh.. tag erk.. sudah lame apple x kena tag.. hahaha.. akhir nyer kena jugak.. huhuhu..

hihiihi.. Cek Alien.. kamu juga akan di tag semule nnt.. hehehe..

Harmony said...

Yeah do some charity is good!!

CoklatChips said...

FM mmng FUN

alien said...

candylips_izy; yeah, anda berada diatas sekali..

apple; hui, bg tag dpt tag+award.. hehe

harmony; yeah, good

coklatchips; fun, kekadang lupe dunia..

Anonymous said...

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