17 December, 2008

Reward for the week 4

Finally, I got bonus for the YouthSays "Real Voices" Project for the week 4.
Congrats to other 9 people who also got the reward.
Another one final chapter before this project come to end.
Altogether, this project consist of 15 Chapters that should be complete by 50 candidates in 5 week times.
and I can use that money; Rm100 (reward) + Rm500 (for 50 people who complete all chapters).. as my additional pocket money.
My pocket "hampir kering".. hehehe.
Thanks YouthSays..
But, when did you want to add another valueable survey?
I`m still wait till today.


finas said...

Ehem..pembolot tegar nmpak??
btw, YS bt lagi mcm tu awal2 i nk anta email kat admin gtau yg dh real voices xleh msuk dh..
I nk vote utk doutsuchi..hu~

p/s:: klu boleh vote kn bes...free jer
masuk ys klik kat button ijau :)
sehari 1000x pn xper

CoklatChips said...

Youth says tu amende?

Harmony said...

quite a nice well earning.