14 December, 2008

Token of Appreciation

This entry is dedicate to a person due to the person kindness.

"Thanks a lot"

The only word that I can said to that person.
Due to the kindness and honesty.
The person had promise. Today the person give me a token of appreciation for my little help.

My help had been paid. But, I`m not the type of person that ask for payment after something that I`ve done. For me, I like to see them relieve or make the person I help feel happy as the outcome of my act rather than ask something like buying me lunch or what so ever.

So, I didn`t expect this happen. Because from my previous, I`m success in avoiding all my friend paid for the help I`ve given. The "Terima Kasih" or "Thanks" is enough for me as it mean so much for me to show their appreciation.

Thanks again.


FiNaZ~! said...

so, kali ni kira xberjaya avoid la ek??

titan said...

siapakah orang tu? Hehe..

alien said...

finaz; yeah, x berjaya..
titan; ada la sumone tue..hehehe