29 December, 2008

Tropic Thunder !!!

 "The movie they think they're making... isn't a movie anymore" the tag line.

Movie must be seen before end of this year.. Tropic Thunder..
Hilarious comedy starring Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Brandon T.Jackson, Tom Cruise and more. See more here.
Its a comedy movie.. at fisrt when I see the poster, I thought it was a war movie same as Saving Private Ryan or The Platoon or other movie that use WWI or WWII as the background.
But, I`m wrong.. it's a comedy.
Let see the trailer here >

Movie Trailer;


See more;

Want to know more about this movie?
Read synopsis here.
By hook or by crook.. you all must see it !!
Because.. see it yourself here. Hehehe. 
I give "Tropic Thunder" 5 star (*****).
I`m enjoying this movie last week.. trust me, its very funny and hilarious.

p/s; when our country could make a quality comedy movie?


william said...

well, i hope you r really making it worthwhile for me. better dun let me spend 2 hours sitting down n grumbles after it or i will spank u XD

e s t a n c u s said...

haha..yeap! i cudnt agree with you more. i just watched it myself, and i so loved the part where Tom Cruise was swearing away over the phone with the Flaming Dragons..!! OMG.. and did you see the Pecker's facial expression..? wakakaka... hilarious...

alien said...

william - see wat estancus just said.. u must see the movie william.. kelakar meh..

alien said...

estancus - Flaming Dragons only got Simple Jack DvD at their camp.. hehehe

Johnny Ong said...

thks for reminding me abt this movie, havent caught it yet

sabahking said...

i also watch this movie !! but i only this movie 3 star !! the movie is only so so.....

FarhanaLicious said...

dah lama nak tengok tapi tak tertengok tengok. huuhu~

alien said...

johnnyong; welcome

sabahking; different people..different view.. hehe

farhana; tgk jgn xtgk..