23 December, 2009

ALIEN say: Hunger to read

Still tired of yesterday's activity..
Sleepy because lack of sleep because of yesterday's activity..
In holiday mood because of yesterday's activity and this coming X-Mas.

Lately, I`m feel bit strange.. bit confious.. something block my neurons from work maybe..

Evening.. monday.
Walking to Popular bookstore at the dawn. After work.
Look there, look here.. go there.. stand.. staring at book title.. look the picture.
Try to find the book that would emerge as special to my eyes. Both my eyes..
Take, read a couple of sentences.. look the synopsis. 
Oh.. feel like to own all the book, crazy to read all the info there. But I couldnt do that.. this is not library.

A place that I would prefer the last. Never know the reason. Really don`t like to be in there. Not know the true reason. But, I like to read a book. Any type of  book. No specific topic or writer. Any kind of book that sound interest to me. Novel, general.. religious.. all. That the reason why I can`t recall the writer name also the book title, but I know what inside the book. That the negative side bout me - reading without concern who write it. Never know why I`m not influence to a writer name like other people. The other reason why I cant recall - not use to buy it, always borrow. Hehehe

Yeh, that time my hunger has reach to the max. Feel uncomfortable if reach home empty hand.
Walk to general book shelf.. walk back to novel shelf.. again and again..
Like husband wait for his wife deliver.. confious, uncomfortable.. hard to think.. Arghhh~

Then, decided to take a book from novel shelf. Take a look the title. Oh, all about love. For young people. 
Then suddenly a book wrote by Shahnon Ahmad caught my eyes. Had a feeling that book is different from others. Good choice as I`m says to myself. The book title "Ranjau Sepanjang Jalan" which has been adapted into a film called "Rice People". Which I know from the Wikipedia search. Also manage to grab Ramlee Awang Murshid novel title "Hatiku Di Harajuku". Ramlee Awang Murshid is 1st thriller novelis in Malaysia. On the back day, while I`m studying Diploma. I`ve read a book wrote by him. Of course I`m not buy it.. just borrow it from University library. Heh

Finish read Shahnon Ahmad book. Manage to finish it up for a day. Half night, half day.. 

Next, Ramlee Awang Murshid..

Hope this would feed my hunger for this month..
Next month..
Who know..
Maybe same routine as Monday..

18 December, 2009

ALIEN says: Freezee . . Don't Move

Wet.. Cold.. Rain..

I`ve lost my brain somewhere. Where is my brain. Hello!! Where are you~
Find it with GPS.. would it work?
Hohoho. Misplaced it.
Should find it soonest possible.  Otherwise... nothing will happen.. kehkehkeh

My desire to express my ideas (kind of), my feeling, my thought.. recently gone.. To where?
Maybe tired had lead CPU that located inside my head become hot.. thus make it perform below par. The cooling system not work well this week.. need to refresh or running defragement maybe.. this X-Mass Hoilday should be perfect...

08 December, 2009

ALIEN says: It remind me of good old days

Today could be classified as half happy day..
Another half is messy day.. Happy morning, crappy evening.. What a day~
Weird huh.. In just a minute my life messed up.. to be exact, something had ruin my another half day..

I had suffer a lot here.. duh.. duh..
Really need new place to breath, new environment, new challenge..
Really really need one.. oh..

ALIEN say: Time is Watch is Clock

Casio Edifice

picture from here

Time is Watch is Clock.
I got new watch after about 2 years not wear any.
Buy it from E-Bay, nice white colour watch. Nampak innocent dan suci kan?
Ini adalah jam Casio.
Model tu click here and cari sendiri di sini.

*This post just to promote my new "JAM".. kahkahkah

06 December, 2009


Ku dengar angin menderu
Ku katakan pada angin bawaku terbang ke langit biru
Ku lihat hujan turun laju
Ku katakan pada hujan sampaikan salam pada tiap manusia

Ku pandang mentari pagi tersenyum girang
Lantas ku berterima kasih pada cahayanya yang memberi semangat pada sekalian alam
Ku belai tumbuhan hijau
Pesanku agar mereka tanpa jemu selalu menyokong alam 

Oh alam...
Bumi tempat kita berpijak
Sama - samalah kita cintainya

ALIEN berceloteh : Love and Tears

When Eirma Fatimah come..
Team up with Remy Ishak, Maya Karin, Umie Aida, Samantha Shubert and Sofea Jane as main performer...
We been presented by the rebirth of Cikgu Mansoor Adabi, Che Aminah, Natrah and Adeline.. instead of  Sarjan Adrianus Petrus Hertogh.

Natrah, a story based on a true history that happened on Singapore around 1950 has revive and been performed to all..

A tragic story..

"Cinta dan Airmata" 
phrase that could be used to describe this true story.. a worth theater to be watch..

Even this is my first time watch theater, but trust me this "Natrah" is great and made me says WOW !!!
Even me myself feel like to watch it again, but I doubt the ticket would be sold out even they decided to extended the show time until this 13th December 2009. Everyone should watch this. A must watch performance by our artist..

A love story with tragic endings..
5 Star to the performer.. good work..

Actually, Just come back from Istana Budaya.. not really sleepy..
Aku ni jenis burung hantu or the famous one.. spesis batman la..
Tidor lewat2 tak elok untuk kesihatan kan.. Heh..

Full house audience tadi even I seen some empthy chair. Maybe the chair owner stuck at Traffic.. pity for them.. or they got emergency, sorry for them.. hope everything will be fine kan..

I`ve seen Imuda, Radhi Khaleed and Afdlin Shauki.. Also we manage mengejar Encik Afdlin Shauki ..

Mengejar Afdlin Shauki?
Hohoho... that what me, my sis and her friend do..  Kejar dia, to take some picture with him even he not in the show. Then, we just ignoring the performer that sit infront of the main door. Kehkehkeh. Kelakuan yang agak jahat kan.. Nasib la, sapa suh encik Afdlin kita muncul di situ kan...
Today is a nice Saturday..
Today would be happy day..
Funny things happened (ditujukan kat someone).. kehkehkeh

Today Sunday (since almost 2.30am)
Do not know what would happen today..

Apa terbelit2 aku tulis daaa...

05 December, 2009

03 December, 2009

ALIEN berceloteh : 2012; Between Realiti and Fantasy

Its a Rainbow~
Nice rainbow say Hi to all Klang People today. Actually not say Hi, maybe the rainbow say Bye to the sun and say Hello to the moon. But, rainbow could see and talk with the moon since they from different world. Moon also could not appreciate the beauty of the rainbow while the rainbow show itself during the day.. Nice Day~

2012; Between Realiti and Fantasy.
Huish.. Antara realiti dan fantasy, cam lagu Crossfire kan. Nak dgr lagu die camne ke?
You all just Youtube kan aje.. Rock Kapak. Best2..
Let kupas, bukak, dedahkan perkara yg berkait ngn 2012 ni.. sebb drg cakap 2012 this world would end.

2012 film, what we gain from watching that film. Tanye pengkaji filem ah.. hehehe.
There is something that we could get from that film. A good one if we observe it carefully, interpret it and look from the different view rather than the story itself. Wah, cam susah je kan nak paham.. Kehkehkeh

ALIEN berceloteh : Fly with UFO

Almost 8 month I`ve land at this so called growth land and fertilize land.
But, I could not settle here. Environment tak sama dengan jiwa aku la.
Even sini banyak Udara untuk disedut. A lot of space to run.. run.. golek-golek.. But I`m not used to it.
Almost die here la..

Need to fix my UFO fast.. Fix the main computer so that I could send signal to other Planet. Better Planet which got much place to explore compare to this empty place. Haiya~
Other Planet, hope could give feedback to my signal as soon as possible since I`ve waste much time at this empty land.

02 December, 2009

ALIEN berceloteh : nobody hear

Hello and Good Day..
Good Day and Happy Day, happy day lead to meaning and memorable day..
Make everyone full of energy and full of ideas instead experience the full stomach.. heh

It a Looooooooong time not write here, the rojak blog. Combination of experience, info, thought and all sort of 'rubbish' thing. That why it could be classified as Rojak Blog. Sangat sesuai. Broken grammar combine with bahasa pasar.. complete.

Today topic.. "Nobody hear you if you not somebody" to be specific in Broken Malay > takde sape nak dengar cakap ko kalau ko bukan seseorang. Somebody or seseorang in this phrase mean that status, nobody listen to you if you not have the power~ Power~
Betul ke?
Betul la tu kan.. Not agree with me? Express your thought laaa...

03 September, 2009

3rd September 2009

*picture from uncle google

Time walking so fast.. and I dont realize, today 3rd September.
Been busy with my own life. Been busy with tonne of work to work with.
Working everyday, every night. Busy every weekday and every weekend. Only got little time to rest and tight time for myself..
But I`m happy..
Very happy..
Really happy with what I`m doin now..

From last Sunday till now I`m doubt with our Police credibility..
I`ve experiencing a bad day with our cop.. very unexpected had happened that ruin my day..
Cop take a bride infront of my eyes.. I say " What the heck.." in my mind la..
Actually I would like to take an action towards him.. but, due some several reason I`ve stop my intention. He had crush the cop good reputation infront of my eyes.
Hope in the future SPRM could investigate our police that take bribe and penalize them.
Pity on our "Ketua Polis Negara" that keep defending their own subordinates but their own subordinates itself not pity to "Ketua Polis Negara".

A lot of thing happened around me recently..
.. 24th hour notice. She forced to leave her current job due some reason. So, the workforce become smaller.. hehehe
Others, boss.. moody after come back from his holiday. One of ex-staff create a problem.

That make my life look interesting, could also add to my existing experience.
However, I got noooooooooo problem with my life. I mean, not a big problem la..

To all my blogger friends, really sorry since long time not visit y`all..

28 August, 2009

Yellow Rain Coat

Yellow Rain Coat !!!
Need it while rain..
Everyday rainyday. So cold.. Sleepy

I got yellow rain coat.. hahaha

Actually, today is friday..
Not much happened today..
Enjoy below poem:

"There will be rain here"

There will be rain here
We normally run for shelter
Who wants to be wet in the rain
And look like a helpless chick in the drain?

There will be rain
And we will be seeking shades under the trees
And run towards waiting sheds where the rain
Cannot harm our sensibilities,

There will be rain and more rains to come
In our lives, and we always run for secure
Shelters, and we always have umbrellas,
And raincoats, and closed cars, we hide to places
Where The rain cannot harm us,

But today, there is rain, and I will take
Another action, I will not run for shelter,
Or take shades in trees, or be in waiting sheds,
I will not even open my car, get into it and close it,

I am not afraid of rain now; I have no fears getting wet
And look like a helpless chick, I will run in the
Middle of the rain, I will play in the rain, I will
Be with the rain throughout its pouring,
I will be wet, and it will rain and rain,
Let it rain and rain and rain
You will not see, my tears falling, tears hiding in the rain.

By: Ric S Bastasa
Taken from: poem hunter

26 August, 2009

FB disable?

What had happened?

I wonder why its happened.. my Facebook account been disable.
Can anyone tell me why?
I`ve send email to them, hope to hear favorable reply from them.

Actually, me also dont know why this happened.. today.
At 2.15pm, I closed my FB account coz I want to go Surau to pray at downstair.
Then, after 15 minute..
I sit back at my workstation and re-open my account.
But, they show error.. I thought I wrongly type my email or password..
I`ve tried several time.. and then I realize that my account been disable..
Oh.. what the..
Without notice~
Gone like that...

No more game from FB..

Dont want to create new account..
Wait favorable reply from FB.. If not, bye2 laaa FB..

09 August, 2009

Current Issues ... ?

Good Luck for those that sit for PTD exam yesterday..
Hope all the best for you all..
PTD stand for Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik in Malay Language.

Currently not interested for take the exam for gov job..
Rather pick a job through interview..

Erm, actually.. I`m feel quiet ok with current job.
Even the payment is so-so.. the working environment so far seem ok..
Maybe I`ll stay about 1@2 years before looking another job.. maybe..
Who can predict what will happened next kan?

This monday, got appointment at Balai Felda. Me and my boss..
We will discuss with them something about business la.. off course.. :D

But, deep in my heart..
I feel like finding a chance to set up own business.. more independent, freedom..
My planning for the future.

FB is Facebook..
Crazily surf face book to play the application and games attached to it..
Actually, I never thought to open an account with facebook..
But, one of my friends said that facebook is more interesting compare to myspace, friendster, tagged and so on..
At first I`m not believe what she said la..

Then one day, I think.. why not give a shoot..
If nothing interest with it, just delete it..
Simple as that..

Today, almost 2 months my account has active.. huhuhu
Really like to play Barn Buddy, Farm Ville, Mafia Wars.. etc
Almost everyday.. open and play that..

Instead FB,
Also surf internet to reads news.. no need to buy a hard copy for reading news..
Checking e-mail.. either personal or working purpose..
Find and search this and that..
Simply can say.. whole day in the net.. world without boundaries..

"Addicted to Internet like a drugs.."

07 August, 2009

Crazy with ... love?

Hallo readers..
Its long time I`m not updating this blog..
Normal and lame excuse, been busy with work.. busy with daily life.. not enough sleep.. etc.

To my blogger friends,
Hai all!!!
How your life?
Long time not visit your blog site.. nor read your blog post..

Its life right..
Sometime we busy,
Sometime we got free time,
Sometime we got problem..

Heh, that things make our life more interesting..
The more difficult out life path, the more we learn, the more experience we got..

One things..
I never forget my family, friends..

So, Ramadhan almost come.. are you ready to face it?

P/s: I`m in the office right now, get ready to go back home.. bye2

01 June, 2009

weekend = rest

Happy Holiday to all School Boy n Girl..
Herm, tomorrow.. work.. work.. work.. work..
Work to get experience, collect money for living, also for learning..

Yeah, I`ve worked about a month for a local company at Kelana Jaya.
I travel there from my house everyday.. my family house.. take about 40 minutes to reach my work place..
Its ok la..

Today, hang out with my friends.. ex-housemate.
My ex-housemate is expert.. in "menghabiskan duit di hujung minggu"..
Hahaha, normal la.. nowdays need to spend some money to enjoy, for entertaiment.. for food.. nothing free right? All things need money. No money no talk..

We play pool game. Double.. 2 vs 2.. Tag team
We play 14 balls game, that are the first time we play that game.
Even, amatuer or called as beginner.. we manage to beat the other team..
Hahaha...we have record the first victory..
Play, laugh, laugh, laugh..
All had crazy head..

Terminator: Salvation
Arnie or Arnold Swarzenegger 3D images appear at the ending of the movie.
The movie, quite ok..
Easy to understand.. Layan~
What I like about this movie is the terminator version "motorcycle"..
I like it...

Vroom~ Vromm~

Pict taken from google

29 May, 2009

Black Forest Cake for Everyone!!!

For everyone..
Not to eat, just watch and imagine the taste.. Hah
"Selamat Hari Lahir Abah"
29 hb May is my dad Birthday...

So, me and my sis managed to buy him a cake..
Just a small present to appreciate him..

Where my father picture?
Find it yourself laaa, at previous a.k.a my old post..

Neway, enjoy Weekend you all..
Tomorrow need to fetch my brother at airport..

26 May, 2009

i follow u~

Come.. come..
Visit here : Confession of Confessor. Sound like Professor.
My friend blog actually.
She's bit crazy girl? Notty?
Hahaha.. No la, she a good girl. Even I`m not really know her, but I'm know her.
You all know what I mean right..

How unlucky I am today.. had a minor problem, maybe.. the engine stop working while I`m in hurry to go work.. It`s 8.00am man.. which workshop open early meh!!!
Luckily after several minute the engine alive again.. alive.. alive..
As fast as I could, i ride to nearest workshop wait until it open. Walla~
After change the spark plug (actually, I do not have any spare plug.. ) and change the motor timing..
No problem happen..
My motor.. I love you r, even I have a plan to buy a new bike..
Don`t "merajuk" la..
Hahaha.. You make me "susah hati" lo..

Meet my sister and her boyfriend at Pizza.. Giant, Kelana Jaya.
She buy me dinner..
Next time treat me again r..

24 May, 2009

Moody? Not really...

Selangor win over Kedah 3-1,
Me and my friends enjoy the game live at Stadium Shah Alam,
Thanks to Amri, Rudie and Amirul Hadi for the goals.

I`m not in the mood recently,
Not because of Arsenal finish in 4th place..
Not because McLarren F1 team under perform..

Sometime we experience problem in our live,
Find hard to make the decision,
Afraid the decision would cost us in the future.. afraid to uncertainty.

Confident can manage all, achieve all, solve all..
But, when I face it I feel tremble, afraid.. kind a loser.. afraid and all those kind of bad feeling attack me.. continuously..
Do not like to feel it..
Pain inside killing me..
Would like to scream..

Need a break,
Need a real break.. find peace.. close to nature..
When? Need find a suitable time..

Damn need a new "horse"..
Prefer it green..
Affordable one is ranging about 9k..
Anyone donate me RM 9K.. will you?

11 May, 2009

Easy going day

Hello there!!!
What an easy day. Simple day.
No need to rushing, all run smoothly.
Work done in slow pace. Peace..
No boss, no 2nd boss..
Boss got fracture leg cause of accident, today not come maybe tomorrow he come.
2nd boss got something personal to settle, he take a leave today..
So far so good,
New place new environment.
Today, got 2 girl as new employee been hired by my employer.
Boss should explain the job details to them.
Me? Job not related with them.
Huh, since boss not around they do their own things.. looking there and there.. looking that..
Luckily, Juliana as senior got someting for them to do.
What a boring day for them.
Nothing to do..
Actually, the company I`m working at, just a small growing company around Kelana Jaya.
Got potential to grow and grow in the future.. I see. Heh..
Not forgot,
The contest..
Come and join..

27 April, 2009

Ho.. Ho.. Holiday

Good news everyone!!!
Visit here : Contest
Win a prize worth RM100..
Click here.
1 Mei 2009 is holiday !!!
Happy holiday to all..
To me also.
Almost 2 weeks I work. Yeah, I got a job finally.. Heh
"Satu Malaysia".. All Malaysian can happy happy and go vacation..
for all..Sadly,
My previous post about Tag Heuer..
Actually, the Tag Heuer is a replica. The body originally made by Tag while the engine made by other company. That replica not a fake.
I know this after I made several research and ask my source back. He admit that the watch is replica.
After I know, I come with the decision not to sell the watch since it not originally Tag.
Sorry guys.. Sorry..

23 April, 2009

When Nature Says

Earth also got feeling..
Nature could express the feeling..
This when we get when we love earth.
Earth will love us back.

"Picture taken from Kosmo! Online"

This picture taken by Bruno Mazodier at Spitzbergen Island, Norway.
Read more: Here

Maybe this is the feedback from our nature regarding Earth Hour last March.
Love our Nature.
Love Earth.
For the sake of human being.

17 April, 2009

Youth Media

What is it?
Youth Media
Look at the bottom-right my blog.. that the widget from youth media.
To promote your site among the youth media member..

Is it look cool?
Come on guys.. lets add this widget at your page today..
Just go to their site.
Register and be the member.
It did not cost you anything.

15 April, 2009

Too good to resist !!!

Brand New Tag Heuer Formula 1 Version to grab..
For Sale..
as low as RM1500
Price valid until last year/stock last.

Not to worry..
This is 1oo% original Tag Heuer.
Not fake one, not from Up Town or Petaling Streets.
Scratch resistant.

Call for meet up. (Klang Valley)
Other place will be consider.
Shipment : 2-5 days after the booking payment made.
Booking : RM 500

Contact = Annas (012-6796251)

14 April, 2009


Silver Fern..
Yeah rugby team.

What did you notice before they start the game..
War dance aka Maori Traditional Dance or called as Haka..

See here,
Focus and look at their faces..

"Ka Mate"
Leader: Ringa pakia!
Slap the hands against the thighs!

Uma tiraha!
Puff out the chest!

Turi whatia!
Bend the knees!

Hope whai ake!
Let the hip follow!

Waewae takahia kia kino!
Stamp the feet as hard as you can!

Leader: Ka mate, ka mate
'I die, I die,
Team: Ka ora' Ka ora'
'I live, 'I live,
Leader: Ka mate, ka mate
'I die, 'I die
Team: Ka ora Ka ora "
'I live, 'I live,
All: Tēnei te tangata pūhuruhuru
This is the hairy man

Nāna i tiki mai whakawhiti te rā
...Who caused the sun to shine again for me

Upane... Upane
Up the ladder, Up the ladder

Upane Kaupane"
Up to the top

Whiti te rā,!
The sun shines!


Another here,
Kapa O Pango
Look at their eyes and spirit..

"Kapa o Pango"
Kapa o Pango kia whakawhenua au i ahau! All Blacks, let me become one with the land
Hī aue, hī!
Ko Aotearoa e ngunguru nei! This is our land that rumbles
Au, au, aue hā! It’s my time! It’s my moment!
Ko Kapa o Pango e ngunguru nei! This defines us as the All Blacks
Au, au, aue hā! It’s my time! It’s my moment!
I āhahā!
Ka tū te ihiihi Our dominance
Ka tū te wanawana Our supremacy will triumph
Ki runga ki te rangi e tū iho nei, tū iho nei, hī! And be placed on high
Ponga rā! Silver fern!
Kapa o Pango, aue hī! All Blacks!
Ponga rā! Silver fern!
Kapa o Pango, aue hī, hā! All Blacks!


What we see from both video taken from youtube?
The spirit.. strong spirit.
They got gut.. no fear.. fight till the last blood.

When we feel and got all that spirit.
We will be strong no matter what had happened.
So, start to be ALL BLACKS.. Hohoho..
In term of attitude.. sportsmanship..

For those Remaja and Belia outside..
Rentikan la membawa masalah kepada masyarakat..
Prove to public that we are good.. berguna kepada masyarakat.. for future..
Berenti merempit malam minggu, lumba haram, menagih dadah.. clubbing dan sewaktu dengannya..

Penuhkan masjid dan surau di kawasan anda..
Kalau dah xder kerje sgt, berkebun.. toreh getah..
Play Futsal, Rugby.. Sports..
Or reading to increase knowledge..
Or else..
Activiti yg berguna untuk kita dan tak menyusahkan masyarakat..

Blogger Award...

Not only FBI, Fafau, Nabil and etc had won awards last Sunday at ABPBH aka Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian..
Me also, got award..
Not ABPBH la.. I`m just plain guy not an artist or performer..
I`m just a Blogger..
Because I`m the Blogger,
Anugerah perlu la sesuai dengan status sebagai pem"blog"kan..
I got award from Oxygen - Corneliusllw..
Nice Trophy..

I would like to give and share this Trophy to all my readers and followers..
You deserve it..
Ambil jer tak payah malu2..
Nak taip semua, banyak.. penat ah jari2 aku nie..
Grab it.. Hurry~

(Just list some.. : sharamli, ayusya <33, penjenayah.merah.jambu, kipas, finas, meo188, babyjane, eyesha, azri azyan, nurfiera, myjaehee, luth, farhanalicious, PJ selamba, candylips_izy,
Iliana, khairil, apple sweet, x-po, generasi malaysia, pari-pari..)

12 April, 2009

Good Play

EPL sound interesting..
Federico Macheda struggle to help Man Utd to defeat Sunderland.
While Chelsea defender shock with 3 goals score by Bolton Wanderers while they lead by 4 goals.
Liverpool show that their striker called as el-nino had score twice while Liverpool sink Blackburn by 4 nils.
Arsenal come from behind to win 4-1 over Wigan. Great play by Gunners..

Eventhough EPL is favour by all people in Malaysia.
Our Super League also good to see and enjoy what..
The competition this season seem though without any foreign player.
All local player should play and show their full abilities and potential to lift back our football image.
The most important to regain back the trust from the fan in Malaysia.

Kelantan vs Selangor at Bukit Jalil as Kelantan new home stadium this season.
They need to play there till the end of season as the fine by FAM as the reflect to the bad attitude show by their aggressive fan.
For me Selangor Fc..
Still remain the better side..
Although not good in first half, they stand strong to score a goal and end the match equal.
A gol for Kelantan and a gol for Selangor.
Good goal from both side.. from Indra Putra Mahayuddin former Selangor player and Safee Sali.

Picture and Full story : HERE

11 April, 2009

Satu Malaysia

Satu Malaysia = Unity
Adakah begini?
Kalau macam nie.. gerun negara lain..
Malaysia Boleh !!!

Life and Chess Game

Some of new thinkers say if we have better intelligence,
If we can see everything, we can`t lose..


Look at chess board..
We can see all, everything..
But, are we guaranteed to win?

Because we can`t see the others thinking..

03 April, 2009

Friday Thought IV

-- Kebersihan itu sebahagian dari Iman.. --

"Open the lid.. the dustbin.." that what my heart says when I see a "Pakcik" with the slumber face throw the banana skin on the dustbin cover after finished eat it.
Before the "Pakcik".. a guy had clean, I mean throw all banana skin that been throw by others people on the lid inside the bin. Nice guy..
Usually, after Jumaat.. I come out late from the mosque.

- In the "Masjid" area, we should keep the surrounding clean. The cooperation from all needs.. not the AJK duty alone.
- Child learn from the adult. So, the "Pakcik" should show the good attitude to the younger one, the good example to be follow.

May the "Pakcik" will realize his mistake one day.

Last night, I went to HBTAR, Klang.
The hygiene,
The family which accompany the patient should throw their waste such as plastic bag, alminium can.. piece of paper to the dustbin la.. haiyaa~

Lot of garbage mess on the floor at the waiting area of Zon Hijau (Kes Bukan Kecemasan).
The cleaner..
Why we must depend to them.
We know, bad hygiene will make our eyes sore when see it right...
We had a sound mind.. we can think.. we had legs.. we had hand..
So, why not just take a few step to the nearest dustbin and throw inside it..
Piece of cake right?

No wonder our seas, river, drain.. very dirty.
No wonder when rainy days.. flood.. flood..
The reason, drain clogs.. why?
Ask yourself laaaa...
Don`t ask local council why this happen..


p/s: picture grab from google

31 March, 2009

Broken Car..

Slow.. slower.. slowest..
That what I feel right now.

If long time a go, feel like I`m driving a Ferrari (not my dream car).. today, feel like I`m cycling a bicycle.. even worse just walking.
Today > 31st March 2009..
Tomorrow > 1st April 2009..

As I walking, Its impossible for me to move fast as car. So, the distance keep increase.. between me and time.

I need to keep walking and walking till I find a new vehicle to replace my old broken Ferrari.
May I find the better replacement.. Mc Larren, Mustang.. else..
So, I must not stop walking and walking even sometime I`m want to give up..
How long should I walking till I find it?
Tired already..

Actually, miss the busy time.. fast pace life..

30 March, 2009

Day Out..

We been to Hulu Langat last Saturday.
Me, drive the car.
Altogether, 5 people. 1 missing because he must attend his company program. Compulsary.
According to plan, we are going to Sg. Congkak, sadly.. when we arrived there, the "makcik" that sale food there told us that the river had been close due to renovation. What the.. why they not put a SIGNBOARD outside the entrance to inform the visitor.

Time already show 1.00pm.
Change plan, search new port.
Look there and there.
Finally, we decide to "lepak" at a place if I`m not mistaken the name.. Lubuk Manggis.
The place ok not too bad. "Tiada pucuk, akar pun berguna".

So, we enjoy ourself there. BBQ, fishing, "berendam" and sort of things.
Then, we "berambus" from there about 4.oopm and stop by at my friend house not far from the area.

Not to end up the day early.
Plan to "lepak" at zoo for the night zoo. But, Zoo Negara do not open at night. Uhhh..
Then we enjoy the night at Dataran Merdeka.
Curious to see what happened during the Earth Hour.

There just small number of people who sit and walk around the Dataran Merdeka. I`ve seen the television crew and people use their camera to capture the night view.

When the light switch off, not completely dark. "Persembahan Kebudayaan oleh Persatuan Kebudayaan" been held at Dataran Merdeka.

After 10-15 minutes later, we manage to Kg. Baru.
Hang out at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Stall till 9.30pm before decided to going home.

"Dataran Merdeka: 28th March 2009, 7.45pm"

"Waiting the light switch off.."

"Just a couple of minute before the light turn off"

"Dataran Merdeka, light switch off"



27 March, 2009

Evil Emerge.

to note; this story is just imagination by manipulate the fact and fantasies and not related to others. Just a metaphor to picture alien13 feeling.
Cont (Chronicle of Pathetic Superman)
- last chapter

BOOM !!!!
The millions crystal combination meet the useless hero.
The impact had create the loudest sound that we could imagine.
The explosion impact mere the atomic bomb. Heat created had destroy the surrounding.

After awhile,
Dust filled the area and floating in the air, create the choc-black tick smoke. No eyes could see what happened inside the smoke.
Either the crystal had meet the bull eyes or missed the target. That bad guys wonder.

One minute. Two minute. Three..
They stand there waiting..

Ten minute has gone, but the smoke not even seen a sign to be disappear.
The situation still the same.
Nothing change.


No hope.
Could not help.
Batman and Human Torch feel helpless.
Enemy all around them. They could not rest even for a second. The enemy come as a great wave.

After one group, another group come.. another.. another..
Thousand of bad guy surround them.
Attacking them, like a water flow.
Non stop.
Nothing can be done.


Heavy laughing.
Happy because finally he killed the hero.

Furious eyes.
Bright and fierce.
Could be seen behind the smoke.

Fast and very bright light coming out from the tick smoke. Fly fast and had shoot the soil beside his foe.
He jumped to the other side.
Stand still.
Aware and ready for next move.

From the smoke..
Come the fearless hero.
Floating in the sky with fierce eyes.
He scream loudly..

Aura exploded from his body.
Damage the surrounding and vanish the tick smoke.
He stay there floating and stare to his close enemy. His foe.
With no word spoken.

"The greatest evil emerge.. had emerge.."
His foe whispered.
His leg shake. Sweat fall out from his fore head.
He become weak.
Before he realize. His leg had been stuck to the ground. He could not move.
This is the effect of the bright light that been shoot beside him.
He struggle. Use his power to move his leg, but.. useless.. cannot been broke.
He stuck and wait for his death.

The man standing infront of him not his enemy that he know. With the great power beyond the imagination.
Man of Steel had turn to something could not been predictable. Dangerous. To him, all bad guys.. even to every hero that exist in this world.
His eyes is full of hatred.
His humanity gone.
He not know anything, anyone.. all he see is hate.

The evil hero fly high to the sky leaving his old enemy behind.

26 March, 2009

Powerless Superman

Cont (Chronicle of Pathetic Superman)

He cried because the wound become worse. Lot of blood coming out from the wound. Very bad.

"Who are you?"

"Who are you?
Slowly he said..
With his life till reach the end.

Faint. His see only black. Falling in deep sleep. Drowning in the black dream. Sweat fall out from his forehead.

Not far from the place where Superman fall.
His foe, close enemy search for his body to ensure Superman would never ever exist in this universe.


Human Torch, he is the one that help Superman regain his health. Build up his spirit back. Bring back his strength and determination.
He always backing Superman. Being his weapon. Both of them become good and close friend. All bad guys fear of them, afraid of them. Human Torch and Powerless Superman is the perfect combination. Nothing could break their partnership. Not even single threat would bring them apart.

Even Powerless Superman has become ordinary man.
He is strong because of his friend..
Full of support from his friends even their friends do not really know Powerless Superman well.

Time pass by,
Superman slowly regain back his power. He could FLY high.
Also he got his eyes ability back.

He tried to protect the person that precious to him instead help others too.
Come Batman joining them.
Being Human Torch and Powerless Superman partner in crime.
Batman had become the backbone of the trio.
Supplying the source of technology and knowledge for them.
To kick bad guy butt.

This time, without Batman and Human Torch beside him. Powerless Superman try to help his precious person from the danger. He's alone. Both his friends been busy kick bad guy ass.

Powerless Superman not know the big surprise waiting for him there.
His close foe had set up the trap killed him.
The trap that would cost him lost his ability for longer time than before.
Both his friends could not help him this time.
He must fight it alone.

He fly there as fast as he can.
He could not sense any trouble.

Reach there..
Suddenly, something small and very fast that could not be seen by ordinary eyes come towards Powerless Superman.
He tried to dodge it. Success.

More and more.
The small thing that shine under the sun light come again attack him.
This time not one or two.. but many.
Or could says millions, fly fast and go directly to him.
From every direction.
Not even single space to escape.

Shock and he could do nothing.
Except waiting for his death.

He drop his head down to earth.

p/s; cont


The story is the imagination of the writer.
"Chronicle of Pathetic Superman"

=picture taken from google

25 March, 2009

There is no Superman..

Are you qualified to be a Superhero?
Then, if you are.. which one suit you..
Get to know here.
Thanks to Being superhero is COOL, Powerful, Great..
But, behind all of this..
They also got their bad day.. The day that would bring them down to the earth.
The challenging and hardest day would not be imagine by ordinary people.
The problem that they must face it by theirself.

Not because they keep it secret or they reluctant to welcome any help.
Not because of their egoistic or to keep their pride..
Its because the impression..
People see that superhero is the one who gonna solve any problem.
The one who willing help them during worse time, disaster, accident, problem..
The one who got much responsible towards other. The one that can be rely on.
They wrong..

Superhero in real life not as in fantasies.
They got their own problem to solve instead they help to solve other people.
Sometime, even their problem not settle yet. Another people seek for help. With the humanity, he help them and put aside his problem for a while.
Hero should willing to sacrifice right?
Then, they should hold onto theirself not because they arrogant. But since everyone rely on him. To whom should they depend on?

Yes, people come to comfort him. The close people. The people that value their help. A very little that value and appreciate them. He help with sincere heart. With the human heart. To avoid them from depression, moral down. To cheer them, to lighten their day and higher their spirit.

But, what this hero got?
Nothing.. zero.

Not to win the praise. Being well-known. Famous..
Not.. no..

Just show to them.
They are valuable, one of a kind. Unique.
Appreciate them to show they not forgotten.
That all..

The reason is simple..
Because with the open heart they help others during their difficult time. Without any payment.
Don't be like "Kacang lupakan kulit".

I do act like Superhero.. without any special power.
I like Superman.
Long time ago,
I feel like Clark, young boy who stay in Smallville. Young version of superman.
I`m the savior.
The one that could be rely on.
Give support and cheer up others day.
Boost their spirit.

One day,
The Superman been shot by bullet made up by a Kryptonite.
His weakness. The crystal that would vanish the power that Superman had.
Also would cause the death.

Falling from the sky high to the abundant dungeon.
Nothing there..
No living there..
He is alone, waiting for help..
He lost his power and now are feeling the pain before death come.
Hurt and pain what he feel at the wound causing by the bullet.
His view slowly becoming blurr..
Could not hear anything..

Something come to him. Friend or Foe?
Suddenly he see BLACK.. faint.

There is no Superman !!!

p/s; cont
Our hero should be our lovely Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.
Also our Father. Mother.
And the people who teach us the meaning of life.

23 March, 2009

I Love You~

Vote for Earth ! ! !

Swith off the light for a while..
Visit the website to know more. Click here.
Got nice wallpaper and widget to be download.
Come and see your self.

Show your LOVE.

22 March, 2009

Do I Care?


22 March 2009
Happy Birthday to my buddy..
Redman b Safar

This year he is turn to another years old. Older than me.
Wish you had a happy life.
May god bless you.


Today issues..
Political havoc.. bribery.. structural the so called union.. everyday reported in news. They says to make improvement.. but what I see.. sad.. do I care?

Manchester United crushed again.. this time with Fulham, two nils. Rooney and Scholes been sent off. Worse~.. but, do I care?
Selangor beat Kuala Muda Naza.. this could cheer up my mood. Their victory not deal with my life. Even make me feel ok.. but, do I care?

Earth Hour?
Cut off the power supply for an hour..
Show your pity to earth. For the sake of earth.
Do I care?
Why not ask people around the world to plant each people a tree.
In Malaysia for example, we got more than 20 million people. If a whole world? How many..
Its a long term planning.. to reduce the heat at our lovely earth surface. Instead it would produce an oxygen and more fresh air.
Cut off power supply.. short term effect. Not too beneficial for earth.

Many people unemployed during economic crisis.. been sacked.. cut off salary..
Company downsizing..
Just like my pocket..
Just like my freedom..
Hard to get a job.. I`m feel bit down..

19 March, 2009

Tag encik PJ @ Tom Curus..

1st tag

taggednye cenggini:

1. anda dikehendaki mgambil 3 pic di bhgian mke..
2. pastikan di crop
3. setiap satu pic hnya bole menampakkn 1@2 anggota sahaja
4. huraikan sikit tentang pic tuh
5. tag sape je asal lebih dr 5 0rg

Mata cam mata org jahat..
Sekali tenung org gerun tue..
Mata nie boleh keluar sinaran laser cam superman, bukan cyclops yer..
Bahaya mata nie..

Hidung pulak guna utk sedup oksigen dan mengeluarkan karbon dioksida.
Hidung yg berjasa, kalau xde hidung bernapas pakai mulut..
Kalau tersumbat selesema, seksa woo..

Bibir ke mulut?
Mulut guna utk makan.. kekadang die leh keluarkan hembusan angin sejuk..
Sepoi2 base..
Aku x merokok..

Jadi, hasil teknik percantuman tahap ke-10..
Jadi la camni rupe paras aku..
Spek tue sebab saje2 pakai..
Kalau x pakai, muke aku hensem gile ah..
Kalah Tom Curus, David Bekam..
Pastu ramai perempuan cair nanti..
Bahaya nie~

Tag kedua

1.Anda rasa anda hot?
Sebb tu tgh duduk bawah kipas nie

2.Upload gambar kegemaran anda.

3. Kenapa anda suka gambar ini?
classic.. bekas rumah sewa di bangunan ini

4. Time nie kat mane?
Shah Alam

5. Sape yang capture picture nie?
Aku la yg snap..

6. Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?
Tah, lupe

7. Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
Yuna - Dan Sebenarnya

8. Apa yang sedang anda buat selain daripada selesaikan tag ini?

9. Selain dari nama sendiri, anda suka dipanggil dengan panggilan aper?
BABY.... ops!

10. Tag lagi 6 orang dengan hati terbuka tanpa rasa kekesalan. Sila lakukan kalau tak nak kena denda mandatori.

1- PJ selamba
2- kipas
3- pari-pari
4- paatz
5- si gadis
6- C2B

Di ambil secara rawak dari chatbox

11. Saper no. 1 kepada anda?
Pemberi TAG tegar kepada blog aku.. hehe, peace PJ~

12. Orang no 3 - ada hubungan dengan sesiapa?
Tah, kene tanye die dulu la

13. Kata sesuatu berkenaan dengan orang no. 5?
Die belaja kat UiTM, Melaka..

14. Bagaimana pulak dengan orang nombor 4?
Praktikel cikgu..

15. Siapakah orang no. 2?
baru jumpe kat blog, yg pasti die laki

16. Bagi pesanan anda pada orang no. 6?
Tak tau nak pesan aper.. err, limau ais satu~

Tag ketiga aku dulu dah buat, jadi xpayah r buat lagi yer..

Jadi kepada pemberi2 tag yg tegar..
Kalau tag anda ada yg belum terjawab oleh aku..
Cepat2 la kasik tau yer..

18 March, 2009


Taken from Faisal Tehrani blog.
As a reminder for all..
The poster..

Tell your friends, relatives, family.. All..

16 March, 2009

"Dan Sebenarnya"

(Taken from YouTube)

I`m addicted to hear this song..
by Yuna. Title " Dan Sebenarnya"

Oh bulan, enggan melayan diriku lagi
air mata membasahi pipi
dan lagu2 di radio seolah2 memerli aku
kau bersama yg lain

adakah perasaaan benci ini sebenarnya cinta
yang masih bersemadi untukmu
dan sebenarnya ku mengharapkan
di sebalik senyuman mu itu
kau juga merindui aku

ku enggan
berpura pura ku bahagia
ku enggan
melihat kau bersama si dia
oh ku akui cemburu
mula menular dalam diri
kau bersama yang lain

adakah perasaaan benci ini sebenarnya cinta
yang masih bersemadi untukmu
dan sebenarya ku mengharapkan
di sebalik senyuman mu itu
kau juga merindui aku

pabila kau merenung matanya
ku rebah,
jatuh ke bumi..........
di saat kau benar-benar mahu pergi
seperti ku bernafas dalam air
adakah perasaaan benci ini sebenarnya cinta
yang masih bersemadi untukmu
dan sebenarnya ku mengharapkan
di sebalik senyuman mu itu kau juga merindui aku
dan sebenarnya...
aku rindu......
dan sebenarnya....
dan sebenarnya....
aku tak mampu...