02 January, 2009

Monday to Friday

Just recall my activities from monday to friday..

- Wake up middle of the day. (Sleep back after Subuh)
- Playing Football Manager
- Surf Internet
- Watching Televsion
- Conclusion; Do nothing

- Wake up middle of the day again.
- Playing Football manager
- Surf Internet
- Pluck Coconut from the tree, Drink Fresh Coconut + Ais. Best!!
- Watching Television

- Wake up early then surf internet and play Football Manager
- Get ready to go my aunt house with my mum for helping her prepare her daughter wedding day's
- Been at Kg. Sementa, Klang or my aunt house
- Arrived home around 11.00 pm
- New Year? 2009.. In front laptop.

- New Year, send my mother first to my aunt house.. and I got back home
- Me and my siblings come around 12.00 noon.
- Give a hand, wash the dishes.. fill the empty water.. clean the guest table..
- One of the guest; Chinese Family, lost his car while attend the wedding ceremony.
- Arrive home around 6.00pm
- Surfing internet and go to sleep

- Got additional sleep time after Subuh, feel tired.
- Go to Friday Pray, meet old friends; Hafiz (unemployed yet) and Bari (Petronas; Kerteh).
- Accompany my little sister buying things at market.
- Surf Internet

Monday to friday.. time fly so fast.
Next week; got work to do.. been busy again.


e-leeyana said...

uhuk uhuk uhuk..don't know what to do??? humm...bacalah buku (^_^) atau lawatlah blogku hehehehe gurau je

alien said...

baru lepas lawat blog mu

iSz b0n b0n said...

bestlah aktiviti ko...
bari kat kerteh? yohoo!
kalo ada masa, aku g sana.

alien said...

hidup riang gembira.. tenang dan tenteram..