29 January, 2009


Guys, I found something to share here..
For newbies like me, let me introduce here Blogumus or "Planet 13".. just as I label it. Actually, this widget called as Blogumus. For Word Press it called as WP-Cumulus. I found this script at riasmaja.blogspot also at blockbuster.com or you just click it here. So, for more details, visit their site.

Its easy to install this widget in your blog. Just like an A B C..
Enter the Dashboard Layout>Edit HTML and click expand widget..
Then copy the code from those site;
riasmaja.blogspot (for Malay aka Indonesia language) or blockbuster.com (for English language).

I`ve decided not to explain further about this widget since the explanation from those two blog is easy and simple to understand.

Just want to share this widget with all..

Sharing is Caring ~

"picture taken from uncle Google"


Harmony said...

Thank you for sharing , i'll look and see if its okay to put it in my blog.

aRaBeLLa said...

hi..tq visit blog saye..

alien said...

harmony; welcome..

arabella; yeah.. welcome

NurFiera Mohd Zain said...

eeiii..saye ade cm patung menan bawah 2
tp wane pink

leh goyang2 paler and bdan

cute laa

alien said...

tapi patung gambar tue bukan milik saya..

eMz said...

that's so cool! i've always wanted to know how to make those. ^_^

alien said...

so, how?
could u make it?