12 January, 2009

Boycott.. do they care?

"Sick and tired hearing the news about the Zionist.."
The leaders and some people says.. BOYCOTT !! All product from US and Israel.
Is it a solution for the problem rise at Palestine? Gaza?
Are they care if their product been boycott? Are they stunt and feel treated by the word "Boycott" ?
Let me answer.. they does not care at all. They also does not care.. who are you, the president? the influential organizational leaders? the religious leaders? or else.. Do they care?

What they know is.. 
Kill all, destroy all, sweep all.. until they satisfied. Until nothing left.
At the time we talking about "Boycott", about the humanity, about the number been killed there everyday.. the media publish it.. every time, everyday, every hour.. 
The Zionist smile, laugh, happy.. because what? 
Because all country in this world useless, could do nothing against them. Do not have gut to fight back.. to back them off from Palestine, Gaza..

Malaysian had launched the Campaign to Boycott US and Israel product.. they intend to make Israel and US economic become weak. But this campaign useless since the major impact will hit back our country. Example, boycott colgate, starbuck, fast food restaurant (McD, KFC.. else).. the result is, a lot of people will be jobless. This because all the company operate in Malaysia.. majority our local work there. When the company experience loss and find it hard to do business in Malaysia.. they will close down. The result is.. many people will jobless. The gov income.. reduce. So, how could we survive during the crisis if all the US company and Israel related company suddenly close down and gone back to their home country? If I`m not mistaken, we got a lot US company in our country. Will it effect our economic? Absolutely yess..

Obama to solve the problem. Why US must solve this problem?
US solve the problem solver.. the world protector.. they solve the problem after there is nothing left at Palestine and Gaza. Why?

They got a bigger problem to solve.. Their economic crisis, this is urgency for them to solve first. Remember how Lehman Group become insolvency. All Automobile makers there need help from the gov to survive. A lot of people jobless due to the crisis. If they not overcome this problem, their economic will collapse and this will effect the entire world economic since many country in this world relying to US in doing business and doing the trade. If they collapsed, global economic would be unstable and this would hit our country too. 

Obama and his team got a lot do. To fix all Bush wrong doing. To bounch back from the crisis that hit them.  What he must to do is to clean back the Uncle Sam country from the Bush shit. That all US people need their new President do. Clean all.. Could he do that?

So, UN and all world leaders must find other solution. 
Why not ask Russian or China use their military force with the help from others to make Zionist fall back from Gaza? Palestine?
I hope they will find the solution soon..
Since I`m helpless.. got no right or power to do solve the problem..

p/s; right me if I`m wrong.. I`m open minded person and able to accept all the criticize openly.. 


FarhanaLicious said...

yeah. boikot. tapi boleh ke? ye la. kebanyakan barang memang datang dari sana kan.

e-leeyana said...

you are totally right..they are the world economic master mind. can we do it? but back to the past history, it can works. since it is not in the same situation, we never know what next.

renaye said...

i'm also tired of the war news. i'm tired of the law of jungle. but US has to solve it because they are part of the problem. and if they want to play the world police, they should clean it up. and they owe the palestinians.

obama comes in now could be a chance for him to shine albeit the dirt bush left in his legacy.

mhs said...

hye kapten,

aku setuju ngan apa yg ko ckp kan..seantaro dunia sekarang ni tgh sibuk memboikot all the products came from us and of the products or services that directly link to israel..mmg kita x mampu utk berikan a huge impact kepada mereka at least ni je lah usaha kita utk mununjukan protes kita even kita tahu israel byk fund dorang..

so, kita sekarang x blh nk harapkan us sebagai kuasa ekonomi yg besar..pengaruh ekonomi usa sudah berakhir..pakar ekonomi pun dah beri pendapat yg dunia perlukan sebuah momentum ekonomi yg baru yg lebih relevan & kuat..obama akan teruskan propaganda yg sedia ada tp maybe ada sedikit pembaharuan..just wait n see 20/1 ni..

berkenaan dgn boycott us or israel ni..aku rasa ianya akan beri kesan klu btl2 kita buat apa yg kita nk buat..org malaysia dh kena belajar mkn burger buatan sendiri, org malaysia dh kena belajar guna tooth paste sendiri..dalam ekonomi term pun ada ckp psl subtitued product..it mean product yg dihasilkan mempunyai kualiti yg sama n mungkin lebih baik dari produk yg sedia ada..so we can change the product easily without any prejudice...

ok kapten, this is my 2 cents opinion k..


renaye said...

meow meow! ah u like naruto too?!

yea why not! i will put ur link on mine tonight.

alien said...

farhana; tunggu dan lihat aje la..

e-leeyana; ya, kita xtau apa akan jadi esok..

renaye; so, pity obama..

mhs; org malaysia belajar apabila dah terkene musibah.. drg lebih suka mengubati dari mencegah.