27 January, 2009

Eclipse 26 January 2009

The eclipse picture that happened on 26 January 2009..
Actually I`m not see it with my naked eyes.. nor to see at Angkasa website..

Yesterday, around 4.00pm me and my 2 little sister.. Norashikin and Nurfarahin went to Giant. I`m the driver.. hohoho. I`m bored at home since nothing can I do.. so I decided to follow them buy some stuff at that hypermarket. Yeah, we went to Bukit Tinggi, Klang..

The hypermarket not crowded as usual, since many shop close. Most of the shop own by Chinese.. so, since they celebrate Chinese New Year.. they close their shop laaa..

Suddenly I remember, today.. eclipse will occur around 4.36pm. So, I take a look outside the hypermarket.. Waaa~ Its rain.. rain.. cloudy black cloud..
Cannot see any blue sky.. only dark sky seen..

Then, today... while I browsed Internet, I found the eclipse picture. Its from Tok Mudin blog. According to what he write, he taken the picture from Faisal Tehrani blog whose taken the picture from Anuar McAfee.

In order to share the picture here. I decided to taken the picture from Faisal Tehrani blog. Enjoy this picture..

"This is what I called.. Keindahan ciptaan yg Maha Esa.. betapa kerdil dan lemahnya kita sebagai makhluknya.. "


Harmony said...

Ah its a very nice looking picture. But i never had the chance to look at it, missed it.

FarhanaLicious said...

semua kedai tutup. nak beli topup pun susah. uhuhu

meo188 said...


mudin001 said...

Samalah, aku pun tak tengok. Hujan.

e-leeyana said...

and guess what, i never know about this eclipse..how regret am i..sb mse tu mmg lost contact sket dgn media..cbuk nk meminang tok abg..xpe la..xde rezeki..

alien said...

harmony; yeah, same.. its rain~

farhanalicious; maybank2u kan ade cik..

meo188; Maha Suci Tuhan.. pencipta alam..

mudin001; hujan, turun bersama rahmat pemberian Tuhan.

e-leeyana; ada kontek ngn media.. wow!! xper, kan ade gambar tue nak share2..

NurFiera Mohd Zain said...

awk..Giant ke Gaint??

conpius btoi

sy xpnh jupe pn supermaket name Gaint
ade ke??

alien said...

salah eje la..
saya manusia yg lemah..
sekarang juga saya kasi betool~

finas said...

26th jan is a lucky day maybe and for those who was born 26th jan, happy bday..
ousch! ape kena ngena plak dah??

alien said...

maybe u can says that..
but, 4 me..all day are lucky day..

NurFiera Mohd Zain said...

keh3...dah tau dh awk slh eje..sj 2 tu
mnegur care bhikmah
xleh tgur scare direct awk slh eje

tu yg gne peribahase tu
baikkn sy :)

alien said...

seb baik saya paham..
anak sapa la baik nie kan..
tapi kalo sound direk pun okeh, saya trima