25 January, 2009

Honorable love

Honorable love

In the dark valley
Cannot seen a single face
Its hard to start walking
Also hard to try to crawl

Bright fire sparkling
Look like a sign
I will try find even seem so far

In the hurt damage soul
Cannot even feel a single love
Its hard to be happy again
Had force to show a smiley face

Your trace my love
Even it hard to be see
I will find and follow it

I`ll try to stop my tears
Weakly flowing through out my vein
The freezing cold feeling inside
Been a prove of my honorable love

In this injustice life
Not seen any single sins
Forgot the feel being love
Its feel hurt and sad when miss you

Blink at your eyes
Seem like a sign
Even difficult to get I will adore

Its only you
Left my last hope
For this body and soul
Being in love again

"Poem that modified from a song"


meo188 said...

awat ni bro.

sye pun tgh duk frust jg nieh...

saye juga telah ditinggalkan seorg bitch

alien said...

emosi sedikit x brapa stabil la kebelakangan nie..
tapi boleh handle lagi..

renaye said...

is that sasuke in the picture?

alien said...

yeah, that sasuke..