11 January, 2009

Just An Ordinary Weekend

I`ve come to the decision that I`m not going to Youth 09' Event..
Actually, I would like to go there but.. due to some reason I should cancel my intention to go there.

Among the reason is;
1. Should wash the car and motorcycle since its so dirty.
2. Must send my little sister back to her college at Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. If I go to the event in the morning.. then it must be rushing.  Don`t like to be rushing...
3. The PWTC in quite far from my home place. It took almost 1 1/2 or 2 hour to go there.
4. The weather. Rain, rain and rain.
5. All my friends got busy with their things. So, I do not have company. Hahaha
6. Spend valuable time during weekend with my family.

So, if you want to know about the event or what happened there. Just go to Slumberaja blog. He stated at his blog that he will make a post about the event. He also added that, he will attach some picture too.

Deeply appologize for one who ask me to write a story about the event since I`m not going there. Sorry !!

I`ve decided.. and this weekend nothing special except Selangor beat Negeri Sembilan at Stadium Shah Alam.. the result is 3 - 0.. Congrats for goal scorer, Amirul Hadi Zainal, R.Surendren and Amri Yahyah.

Glory ! Glory ! 
Selangor !!


sabahking said...

wah then we do not have a nice photo to see liao loh !! u also watch soccer malaysia series !! hehe !!

meo188 said...

tidoq ja huhuhhuhuhuhu

FarhanaLicious said...

sedih nya. uhu~

alien said...

sabahking; yeah.. I love watch football.

meo188; tidor.. itu salah satu aktiviti juga

farhana; ada sumur di ladang, boleh saya tumpang mandi, ada umur yg pnjang, boleh g youth event kemudian hari.. hehehe