09 January, 2009

Re; Going To Taiping..

Yeah, I`ve postpone my plan to go Taiping this weekend due some reason.
This doesn't mean I have cancel it..
I will step my feet there.. For sure not this weekend..

So, tomorrow maybe I`ll go to Youth 09' even at PWTC..
Just want to check how the event goes, the activities, job fair.. Just look and see..
At least, I got something to do as the subs for the early plan..
So, have a good weekend.


FarhanaLicious said...

nanti jangan lupa buat satu entri pasal youth09 itu ya?

alien said...

da cam koje wartawan plak..

sabahking said...

after go to youth 09 do tell me the event at there and take the photos for us !! cause i cant go there !!

alien said...

I said maybe.. that mean not sure i`ll go or not..
Neway.. wait n c la..

meo188 said...

saye pun nk g esok... tp sleps tgk konvo di um...

alien said...

esok UM konvo..
I see..