24 January, 2009

This what I dream..

"People says, money will settle anything in this world.."
Even the statement not 100% true and acceptable, with money we can buy anything. Our dream will fulfill and almost our need will come true.

I had a dream, the dream from my childhood. I mean a dream vehicle.. today, I decided to show and share the dream with you. I`m still hold this dream until now.. Insya`allah, all this dream will come true..

I dream of;

Not to buy the company.. also not to be worker there. Not to be the CEO also.. But, to have and own their classic car..

Its look like a car for old folks, many says that.. but for me, this car got a value. Its "cool".. different from other car on the road. Even its not fast as Honda car or Toyota car but when you drive this car, you will get all the attention even beside you there are BMW or Mercedes car. Hahahaha..

I like this one also;

The van. Walla!! great.. that what can I say. Rare car been seen in Malaysia. Rare car been drive in our road. That called classic car. I like it..

This what most adorable, Golf GTi.. vromm~

Fast, got style.. sporty look..
Beside the car.
I`m also dream to own a Kawasaki motorcycle.
The design, performance.. looks.. that why I like this bike..

Its not wrong to have a dream, dream could trigger and support us to make an effort to realize it. People who do not have dream called as "zombie".. my friend says that not me..
Without dream, people could not success in their life.
Look around, the car on the road.. plane fly at the sky.. metal called ship float at open sea.. skyscraper.. trains; bullet train.. this all got create from the dream. The dream will make our future more brighter.

Dream only without any effort = useless..

"picture taken from google"


Harmony said...

I dreamt of buying cars too... Will be a long long time before i can do that.

NurFiera Mohd Zain said...

huhu..nice dream car bro~! very da classic :)
-may ur dream come true-

renaye said...

i have no dream of buying cars. i only dream of meeting those hot japanese singers. ....

and i strongly believe money can settle most of the problem in life.

alien said...

harmony; yr dream will come true.. one day..

nurfiera; tq..

renaye; owh.. when you will go there? i mean Japan..