04 February, 2009

I sell.. U buy..

My blog is worth $7,903.56.
How much is your blog worth?

$7,903.56 is my blog value.
Who want to buy it.. raise your hand!!!
Price is negotiable. Could pay by check or cash.
Postal order cannot been acceptable.
So, what you waiting for?
Satisfaction guaranteed.. Call me now~



Harmony said...

That's quite expensive.....haha

apple Sweet said...

perghhh.. 7ribu tu dollar ke.. kalau ke ringit bape lak.. aku rase la kan.. ko biar dulu.. biar dia beranak smpi 20ribu ke.. baru ko jual.. pastu ko bleh wat modal bisnes ko.. hehe

psss: Bro.. pe ko wat smpi dapat 7 ribu tu.. nk tahu gak.. hehe

alien said...

harmony; yeah, imagine if it my money..every month i get.. wohoo~

apple; igt na daftar domain sendiri r pasni..
xtau r encik apple, aku xreti sgt mende2 nie.. yg aku buat g google adsense jer..

FarhanaLicious said...

erk. saya tak mampu. huhu


alien said...

saya paham..
saya pun xmampu na beli blog saya nie..

apple Sweet said...

huhu.. blog ko nie mcm duit la.. mata duit blog nie.. ape... ko nk try domain sendiri.. ritu aku de wat gak domain sendiri hosting pun ade.. tapi aku xde mase nk wat.. amek mase.. last2 aku x pakai.. aku bg kat org lain.. huhu

alien said...

blog nie ade mate ker..

Johnny Ong said...

selling yr efforts away?? hehe
i can claim part payment as my blog name is there too hahaha

alien said...

wanna some?
I`ll see u in court..

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