09 February, 2009

Just call me Mr.Cool

I`m cool..
Just call me Mr. Cool..
Mean, I`m a calm and peaceful person.
No matter what you done, what other people done.. I`m just sit back and watch it. Heh

Sometime I feel angry to people around. "Don`t mess with me.."

I`m staying cool.
Know why?
Because I`m not like you.. I`m mr.cool.
So, why should I entertain or talk with all people around me that could not think wisely.
They just need an attention, need popularity, need love maybe.. What you need more?
Just take it. Do I care?
Do what you want.. Says what you want.. I`m just sit back and laugh at your act. Funny..

I believe that.
If we done wrong at someone or somebody or something..
We will get effect back, the result will hit us back.
Not today, maybe tomorrow.. just wait and see.

People says it a karma.
You done right, you get the right.
You done wrong, you will pay back.

So, I`m mr.cool will stay calm and cool watch you.
Watch your back and smile whenever people come around and disturb my peace world.
Just as I says before.. Do I care? Am I look care for what you had done?
Waste my time.
Better for me to watch "Spongebob and Patrick" show rather than watch rotten heart inside you.


I`m mr.cool not point finger to specific people.
Like orang melayu cakap.. "Siapa makan cili, dia la terasa pedas.."
Think before act, use your brain~
That the purpose of brain.
Allah give us brain to think.. think.. think.
So, think.. don`t be lazy scumbag.


Harmony said...

Sound so fierce?

e-leeyana said...

hye alien yang cool ehehehehe...

apple Sweet said...

Mr.Cool.. pelakon cite Young and Dangerous ke .. sequel yg terakhir..
Mr.Cool <--- Chan ho nam(aku x igt name die)

Hahaha.. rilex bro k.. peace world erk.. kalau nk dunie kecik kat blog aku tu je.. lalalala~~

alien said...

bit fierce.. but in calm mood

da ok ker demam tue

apple sweet;
gile ah young and dangerous..
tu mr.cool kawan aku panggil, sbb aku nie cool jer..
jgn marah yer encik yg berlakon Young and Dangerous..

penjenayah.merah.jambu. said...

kul aa..
patut aa aku menggeletar aje ni..

alien said...

tu baru rase aura kekulan aku..
kalo jumper depan2 mau beku..

apple Sweet said...

hahahahahaha... Bro.. ko mmg hebat la.. aku tergelak posting atas ko nie.. ko nie mmg cool abis.. x se cool aku.. hahaha..

xpe nnt aku pangil chicken dtg jenguk ko k.. hehe

alien said...

sapa chicken?
kurang la kekulan aku nanti..

apple Sweet said...

laaa.. chicken tu la dalam cite young and dangerous tu.. taiko gak.. cube igt kembali.. Mr.Cool.. hehe

alien said...

lupe r chicken yg mana satu..
kene tgk balik citer nieh..