15 February, 2009


Why interview exist..
It can be called as investigation, why do we need investigation?

A man/women had a dialogue or face to face meeting with her/his future family in-law.
A person date another person to get close, build a relationship.
A person attend a meeting before been hire.
A person attend a test before allow to hold "L".
Why do we need this sort or kind of investigation?

Do we need UPSR, PMR, SPM, STPM, Diploma, Degree, Master, PhD and etc..
Do we need just money..
Do we need luck..

Interview = Meeting = Face to Face = Investigation = Screening ..

Market yourself infront of them, make them impress and "wow"~ about you..
That the hard part..
I`m spontaneous. What I`m says is what I mean. No plan.
How could I act infront of them.. I`m is what I`m.
How could I become like Heath Ledger, Rosyam Noor..
How could I?


Need a luck?
Need to make an eyes like Pussy in the boots?
Should beg them..

They see me like this..
But, I`m more than this..
More than they could imagine..
I could be a kind of A.I or called as machine.. robots.. no feeling.. tired less.. full energy..
or could called as workaholic or maniac..
Do work till my last breath.

Same as army.
Shot the enemy brutally, without mercy..
Defend the country also the religion..
Never put a side the weapon unless achieve the victory..
Hunger for more.. thirst for more..
No pain.. No regret..
Hold high and tight.
Doing right at first time or killed as reckless.
till end of war.

Killing machine = Terminator = Alien
Conquer all.
Look strange and weird.
Got lot potential.
Got guts and mission.
Have will to see the world for the hardest life.
No turning back.

As interview, test, investigation and all related things!!
I`ll fight you all..
With my way.
My own way.

I`ve decided to make it my way.

-end of monologue-


e-leeyana said...

ehem ehem r u ok??
humm...why not u just practise all the marketing strategy on urslf..

nk g interview ye..gud luck (^_^)

no all of those test + interview = no challenge (maybe)

Aidil TipsGoda said...

life is full of challenges..and life will never be fair..

you have to live with it..

Anonymous said...

caya la annas

alien said...

I`m ok..
not okay~

aidil tipsgida;

pj selamba;
caya la balik kat ko pj

meo188 said...

girlz sucks our money...

meo188 said...

girlz sucks our money...

Anonymous said...

Salam..walaupun en alien pastinya bukanlah alien...en alien memang rajin jalan-jalan ke blog-blog yang lain..

oh nama pun monolog..tiada ulasan daripada saya tentang monolog en alien..wassalam~

GeNeRaSi MaLaYSia said...

monolog juga dikenali sebagai perbutan untuk meluahkan perasaan..hehe..

alien said...

x semua girl camtue..
cam ade sumting je, nape bro?

jalan2 mencari ilham sambil melihat keadaan kengkawan

generasi malaysia;
anda memahami ku~

apple Sweet said...

Lalalala.. gmana nie.. gawat seyh..
owh.. kok nya kamu g interview ya dong.. keputusan nyer gmana..

owh.. aku kurang memahami kamu adakah aku senasib ngan kamu..

aku kurang paham..

alien said...

esok ng jumaat ada la interbiu,
cuak neh..cuak neh..

nape ngn kamu dong?
apa masalahnya sik?