11 February, 2009

Tag from x[o]x[o]

Good Day~

Assignment aka Tag from Hikari aka x[o]x[o]
After double tag from Aduka..
This is single tag from x[o]x[o] (Ape ke susah na taip name dia nie?)

1/ Your name or username

2/ Left handed or Right handed
Right handed.

3/ Favourite letter to write
"A" .. the most famous letter. Without "A" your parents or teacher will scold you. Why?
Think for yourself la..

4/ Least favourite letter to write?
"X" .. wonder where to put. Hahaha

5/ Do you think you are HOT?
No.. I`m COOL~

6/ Upload your favourite pic

7/ Why do you like diz pic?
You can tell it by looking for yourself.
This picture captured at Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia during my educational trip.
At the place where the coffee make.
Really love this picture.

8/ The last song you listen to?
We The Kings - This Is Our Town

9/ What are you doing right now besides this?
Laying on my bed..
Looking at clock..

10/ 6 people I'm going to tag
Budak Hingus
generasi malaysia
si gadis

p/s; my advise for those people.. "buat jgn tak buat.. jgn malas~"


TipsGoda said...

looks like a nice place there..

Harmony said...

Nice vibrant color there.

meo188 said...

Kami tak HOT, tp kami COOL...

alien said...

yeah.. nice place n nice people


betol tue, kami kool~

Anonymous said...

hoh alien
seksanya buat tag ni
aku dah byk hutang tag yg belum terbayar

Budak Kampung said...

saya pun masih byk hutang tag yg belum dibayar..
tapi rasa cm nk jawab tag ni jugak..

alien said...

pj selamba;
kekadang tersiksa~

budak kampung;