08 February, 2009

Talk Talk Talk

Just a talk.. an opinion through observation.
Do not have any intentions to point the finger to anybody or anything.
Just a talk for the reaction of what had happened in our country recently..
Just a view from myself..

Have you heard..
"Sejarah mungkin berulang.." the famous phrases among our Melayu in Malaysia.
This phrases always remind by old folks to the younger generation.
But, does the younger generation learn from their past experience. Some will learn and some may not even until they grow old.. they not learn what had been teach by the old folks.

If we review the history, the olds generation give example and something to learn for the younger from their past experience which they hope the younger will or may not repeat their wrong doing.

But, people nowadays not learn from them. Some learn and realize and some learn and not realize. Also, some may learn but just ignore it even they realize.

Who know sejarah Kesultanan Melayu Melaka?
Even not know very well. All of us may know.
They know who Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekir, Hang Lekiu and Hang Kasturi. The Five worriors that doing well to defend and protect Melaka. The Famous in Malaysian history.

But, this history..
Today, some historical analysis doubt some part in this history.
Which, Hang Jebat had accused been a betrayel since he take over the castle and run amok for Hang Tuah death penalty.
While Hang Tuah manage to save himself from the death.
What cause of Hang Jebat amok?
Why Hang Tuah impossed the death penalty?
How Tuah can manage to save himself from the death?

Tuah had done wrong to Sultan and given forgiveness if he kill Jebat.
Why Tuah kill Jebat and not pretend he kill him. As how he manage to save from penalty imposed to him..
Hang Tuah is a "tricky warrior" says some historical analysis.
He got a lot of ideas to trick everyone..

Full stop.
Not to tell about the history.
Lets continue..

Then why we assume Hang Tuah as "Hero Malaya" if we know what he had done.
Why we assume Hang Jebat as Rebel for defend his brother.. he know that Hang Tuah not guilty.
Maybe, there a reason. If Jebat still a live, maybe he will reveal who is Tuah if Sultan ask.. the Tuah secret. Maybe, it is just an opinion..
So, before anything get worse.. close the case. Killed Jebat as a problem solver.
In the end Tuah is label as Hero.. Jebat is Loser and Sultan got tricked by Tuah.


Today scenario..
Seem very related with the history.
It is proved that..

"History could happen again.."

How it relate?
Which part it relate?
Sit back and think.. how current situation related with history which had been occurred.
As you take a sip of coffee or tea or else..
With a biscuit, cake or anything..

Just think..
Think is useful for brain`s training.
Think.. Think.. Deeply.. More.. More..
Until you find the answer..

The real use of History..
For young generation think back and fixed the wrong doing..


penjenayah.merah.jambu. said...

uh..blaja sejarah sgt menyeksakan..
takmao aa sejarah berulang lagi..
lau yg gemilang2 takpe aa..

e-leeyana said...

oyooo....bak kata org, jatuh skali tu utk belajar, jtuh 2x kat tmpt yg sama tu tok cari psl..huhuhu

UnGu VioLeT said...

salam kenal.. thanks sudi jadi follower untuk blog Ungu Violet.. Sebagain tanda penghargaan, terima la award dari Mar..


keep in touch!!!

alien said...

yala, belaja sejarah boleh membuat kita menjadi layu~ hehehe

hui, pandai la die..

ungu violet;
salam kenal kembali