12 February, 2009

Time for smile

Good news for those waiting..
The news about the contest, my previous entry > Reward = Look Forward

Click here to know more about the contest.
You can leave comment or your voice at the "kaunter pertanyaan".
This blog create specially for running this contest.
Its not sooo grand or big contest.
But I`m sure you will enjoy it.

The point I decided to form this contest, just want all my friends enjoy.
Want see you all Happy~

The further information will be publish later.
This contest will begin on this March.
The beginning of this March.

Go here> http://riangria-alien.blogspot.com/
Do not forget ar..


FarhanaLicious said...

ada pertandingan gores dan menang gak ke? huhu

apple Sweet said...

hahaha... wat blog baru erk.. hehe.. yarghhhh... apple datang... lalalala~~

pe2 hal.. aku xmo miss Fun ini..

meo188 said...


TipsGoda said...

im in bro!!

e-leeyana said...

oyooo...contest??? ayakkk (tepu dahi 10x)

Harmony said...

That's just a few more days to go

PJ selamba said...

apa contestnye?
aku cuma baca syarat je
macam tom tom bak ke

여자 이니까® ☂[x]O[x]O☂ said...

contest pa nie inchik alien??
ada mamam ker?? ;p

alien said...

gores dan menang.. erm, contest ini mirip kepada no 4D.. hahahaha

apple sweet;
jom2 gumbira2 sama2

yippie gak~

semua boleh masuk..

la, pehal tepuk dahi?

few day..
yes..this march

pj selamba;
mac ini segala persoalan akan terjawab..

여자 이니까® ☂[x]O[x]O☂;
contest biase2 jer..
nak mamam2 ker..
kalo nak boleh dipertimbngkan