23 February, 2009

Who is He?

Adolf Hitler son of Alois Hitler.
The leader of Nazi also the Germany Head of Government long time ago.
Although the regime he led had cause millions people deaths also had wreck a lot of building.

Beside, he is among the famous politician in Germany historic.
He also the painter and a talented writer. It was proved by the high selling (1 million dollar) of his autobiography book that he write while he in prison.

This entry not to pay a tribute to Hitler. But to open everyone eyes about a good side of Hitler that we could adapt to strengthen our spirit also our soul.

The Hitler..
He is a good speaker. Not many people could deliver a good speech as him
His speech is very influential, can boast their follower spirit. Like a motivation that can strengthen weak soul.

He is a patriotism. He love his country.
He stated in his autobiography that Jewish could destroy the world peace and harmony.
We can see what had happen today, where people at Gaza killed by Israel army.
From the first, we know that the Jewish is a trouble maker.. from the long long time ago.

He is a brave and influential leader.
With the strong army he had unite Austia with German to conquer the whole Europe in order to fulfill his mission to vanish all Jewish from the Europe. He had a bad experience with Jewish while he was child.

Even he can called as criminal, but I think what he had done not too worse compare what we seen in Television nowadays. A war at Afghanistan.. Somalia.. Pakistan..the reason to arrest and kill all terrorist. But who had been killed.. a little number of people that called as terrorist and a large number of innocent people. Then, with proud they called themselves as the world defender also the warrior. They not feel guilty by their act.. What a shame..

They says that they want to lead this world to the peace. They promote harmony to be practice by every people that live in this world. They says that weapon could not solve problem.
But, what they do..
Where could we find a real Leader?
Like Nabi Muhammad friend's; Saidina Abu Bakar, Saidina Omar..

Where could we find a brave Leader?
Like Iskandar Zulkarnain..

A leader had a great responsibility towards his followers..
A really heavy duty with great burden..

But, what we had here,
A person called leader but not qualified to be called a Leader..

To all leader out there.. include me (since every man born to be a leader to his Family). Try your hardest to be a good leader. Show the good example to your followers. Says "NO" if it really "NO" and says "YES" if it really "YES". Do not try to use the "leader" name as an advantage to get revenge to others or to do things forbidden by our religion. Remember.. forbidden by religion not a law. Since Law is made by human.. it could be change.. not suit for others.. or else..

What a leader we had today....
Disappointed.. only little can be called as leader.. others, not deserve..
Sorry to say this..


penjenayah.merah.jambu. said...

ade org kate..die jugak sgt sygkan ibunya..
betul ke?

PJ selamba said...

aku pun dengar camtu
memang leader yang berkualiti kan...
walaupun sangat dibenci

Harmony the Sleepy Cat said...

No one can match his charisma.

Shitsurei shimashita said...

yg skrg dok lagu tu jgklah. Yg baik org tak heran, tak dipandang, yg buruk jgk dicari.

GeNeRaSi MaLaYSia said...

leader yg bek n berkualiti mmg ssh nk cr..yg krg kit mmg byk n sng je kalu nk cr..hohoho

Atika said...

leader? klu dah masuk pengaruh politik yg jahat,semua jadik ampeh je laa

NurFiera Mohd Zain said...

rjennye dia berceritera cinta :P

alien said...

betul la tue, die mmg sayang mak die..
penjenayah pun sayangkn ibu die apatah lagi kita sebagai rakyat biase..

PJ selamba;
ramai org gerun ngn die..die pakai tangkal gerun kot..
aku rase kalo die idup lagi itu president Israel sure takoot~

Harmony the Sleepy Cat;
yeah, agreed with u

Shitsurei shimashita;
sbb yg jahat senang nak komplot..
kasi kawteem la senang citer..

GeNeRaSi MaLaYSia;
ya ya..memang

politik xde kaitan dalam menjadikan leader tu baik atau jahat..
tetapi peribadi leader tu sendiri akan menetukan cara pemerintahan die..

NurFiera Mohd Zain;
cerita cinta?