14 February, 2009

Zero Mind

Tag #2 Hikari aka x[o]x[o]

Because of the tag, all my idea gone..
My mind transform from "Hero" to "Zero"..

De rules :
Link to your tagger and post these rules
List 8 random facts about yourself
Tag 5 6 people

i/ like to hang out
ii/ like to listening songs.. anykind..
iii/ like to read.. anything
iv/ love nature
v/ like to think
vi/ like my laptop
vii/ love white, red..
viii/ like coffee.. ordinary coffee.

So, diz tym I'm going to TAG org2 yg tidak suka tag
No One~
So, do not copy..

First name : Mohd Annas
Name you wish you had : Proud of my name.
What do people normally your name as :Annas, Anasir, Awang(nickname Dip), Alien13@mr13teen(Internet)
Birthday : 18 November 1985
Birth Place : Sijangkang
Time of birth : Nite
Single or taken : Single, waiting to be taken.
Zodiac sign : Scorpio

My Appearance
How tall are you : 178cm kot
Wish you were taller : Syukur..
Eye color : Black
Current hair color : Black and sometime its turn to be brown..magic?
Short or long hair : Currently long but not too long.
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color : No.
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair : Never, if cut it called dramatic.. yess
Glasses or contacts : Both
Paint your nail : Inai, long time ago.. while i`m still young, 3@4 years old.
Shy or outgoing : depends
Sexy or cute : Nope, just sweet~
Serious or fun : fun.. happy!!
A turn on : Bright light?
A turn off : Dark?

This or That
Flowers or chocolate : Strawberi?
Rap or rock : Rock
Relationship or one night stand : Spaceship
School or work : Do not know.. only want money!!
Love or money : honesty
Movie or music : both
Country or city : country
Sunny or rainy days : snowy
Friends or family : family 1st..

Have you ever
Lied : sometimes
Stole something : long time ago while I`m still young..
Smoked : Just buy for my friend
Hurt someone close to you : have I?
Broke someone's heart : Nope
Wonder what was wrong with you : A lil bit
Wish you were prince or princess : Harry potter !! sorceress
Like someone who was taken : old story
Shaved you head : 2 times..
Used chopstick : sometimes
Sang in the mirror to yourself : nope

Flower : tulips
Candy : choc
Song : universal but more on rock
Color : white , red
Movie : horor, comedy
Singer : coldplay,
Junk fud : Various
Website : http://kaptenannas.blogspot.com
Animal : Horse
Ever cried over someone : nope
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : nope
Do you think you're attractive : dunno
If you had to choose a fairy tale as your life what would you choose : ermm
Do you play any sport : Ragby (long time ago), football n futsal(sometime), badminton(retired),bowling(coach..muahaha)


FarhanaLicious said...

waiting to be taken?
fuyyo. dasat. ada yang nak gi meminang ke?

alien said...

sapa na pinang saya~

여자 이니까® ☂[x]O[x]O☂ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
여자 이니까® ☂[x]O[x]O☂ said...

coach boling??
leh caya ker nie??
leh ar ajar xoxo spya jd t'lbh teror nie.. ;p

dBa said...

mai aku nk pinang kau..utk kucing aku yg lama tunggu jantan..hahahaa

e-leeyana said...

perkhh byk gle tag..sy xske jwb tag tp ske bce org jwb tag..kreatif kreatif..

waiting to be taken ye hahaha...

byk yg x menjawab soalan..heh, kerat 50 markah

alien said...

여자 이니까® ☂[x]O[x]O☂;
kan ade gelak..muahaha kat ujung.. tu tipu jer..yg lain2 betool.

hahaha jugak..

hui, byk kene tolak..50 markah