30 March, 2009

Day Out..

We been to Hulu Langat last Saturday.
Me, drive the car.
Altogether, 5 people. 1 missing because he must attend his company program. Compulsary.
According to plan, we are going to Sg. Congkak, sadly.. when we arrived there, the "makcik" that sale food there told us that the river had been close due to renovation. What the.. why they not put a SIGNBOARD outside the entrance to inform the visitor.

Time already show 1.00pm.
Change plan, search new port.
Look there and there.
Finally, we decide to "lepak" at a place if I`m not mistaken the name.. Lubuk Manggis.
The place ok not too bad. "Tiada pucuk, akar pun berguna".

So, we enjoy ourself there. BBQ, fishing, "berendam" and sort of things.
Then, we "berambus" from there about 4.oopm and stop by at my friend house not far from the area.

Not to end up the day early.
Plan to "lepak" at zoo for the night zoo. But, Zoo Negara do not open at night. Uhhh..
Then we enjoy the night at Dataran Merdeka.
Curious to see what happened during the Earth Hour.

There just small number of people who sit and walk around the Dataran Merdeka. I`ve seen the television crew and people use their camera to capture the night view.

When the light switch off, not completely dark. "Persembahan Kebudayaan oleh Persatuan Kebudayaan" been held at Dataran Merdeka.

After 10-15 minutes later, we manage to Kg. Baru.
Hang out at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Stall till 9.30pm before decided to going home.

"Dataran Merdeka: 28th March 2009, 7.45pm"

"Waiting the light switch off.."

"Just a couple of minute before the light turn off"

"Dataran Merdeka, light switch off"




penjenayah.merah.jambu. said...

ceh..duduk berbaris macam pati laa..

tak pergi merompak ke weyh?

Kipas said...

best giler kat kl... kat kuantan... hampeh jerk... huh..

Iliana said...

uum pown bergelap-gelapan hehehe..tp certain part je la..sbb nga konvo..abs la brg kt pesta knvo tu nti sume ilang

candylips_izy said...


alien said...

mereka pati, seb baik aku xde dalam gambar.. huhu
tgh merancang na rompak BANK NEGARA r.. nak join ker?

kat KLCC lagi menarik kot, aku tgk berita kat tV..

xper, karang suruh TNB cut power satu M`sia.. hahahah


myjaehee said...

x ttp lampu pom... ttp mate jer.. huhuhu

alien said...


sickchild said...

aku tutup lampu.
trus tido.
alang2 da bergelap.
tapi tak sume org join.

kakak anes said...

busan la anes. ampang xgelap pon. huhuhu dok opis wat koje. bosan