22 March, 2009

Do I Care?


22 March 2009
Happy Birthday to my buddy..
Redman b Safar

This year he is turn to another years old. Older than me.
Wish you had a happy life.
May god bless you.


Today issues..
Political havoc.. bribery.. structural the so called union.. everyday reported in news. They says to make improvement.. but what I see.. sad.. do I care?

Manchester United crushed again.. this time with Fulham, two nils. Rooney and Scholes been sent off. Worse~.. but, do I care?
Selangor beat Kuala Muda Naza.. this could cheer up my mood. Their victory not deal with my life. Even make me feel ok.. but, do I care?

Earth Hour?
Cut off the power supply for an hour..
Show your pity to earth. For the sake of earth.
Do I care?
Why not ask people around the world to plant each people a tree.
In Malaysia for example, we got more than 20 million people. If a whole world? How many..
Its a long term planning.. to reduce the heat at our lovely earth surface. Instead it would produce an oxygen and more fresh air.
Cut off power supply.. short term effect. Not too beneficial for earth.

Many people unemployed during economic crisis.. been sacked.. cut off salary..
Company downsizing..
Just like my pocket..
Just like my freedom..
Hard to get a job.. I`m feel bit down..


kEy said...


Anonymous said...

apa ko ngarut ni alien?
aku tak setuju dgn ko even kalau ko don't care...
pasal earth hour... ko tak faham...
mmg la takde effect apa² dgn 1 jam turn off lights tu...
aku rasa ko kena tgk apa OBJEKTIF sebenar earth hour tu...
then u'll know...

alien said...


pj Selamba;
kan aku alien dari planet len..

ala pj,
opinion aku je ah..
tapi, susah ke drg na galakkan penanam pokok nie..utk kita2 jugak kan..

E Y E S H A said...

ahaha..bf ku ader disini.yeah hepi bday to him!god bless =)

Shitsurei shimashita said...

happy belated beday to him..

apa jua pandangan itu hak masing2, but for me alhamdulillah, Allah give me an opportunity to cont my career even in different field.

alien said...

bf mu tersesat di sini..

Shitsurei shimashita;

saya. DIANA. said...

nmpk gayanya sy mcm terpaksa brake a vote yg sy bt..

sbbnya 28hb 2 kesibukan sy tengah berada pada puncak..

terpaksa la lupakan hasrat tuk switch off d light 1hour tu..