27 March, 2009

Evil Emerge.

to note; this story is just imagination by manipulate the fact and fantasies and not related to others. Just a metaphor to picture alien13 feeling.
Cont (Chronicle of Pathetic Superman)
- last chapter

BOOM !!!!
The millions crystal combination meet the useless hero.
The impact had create the loudest sound that we could imagine.
The explosion impact mere the atomic bomb. Heat created had destroy the surrounding.

After awhile,
Dust filled the area and floating in the air, create the choc-black tick smoke. No eyes could see what happened inside the smoke.
Either the crystal had meet the bull eyes or missed the target. That bad guys wonder.

One minute. Two minute. Three..
They stand there waiting..

Ten minute has gone, but the smoke not even seen a sign to be disappear.
The situation still the same.
Nothing change.


No hope.
Could not help.
Batman and Human Torch feel helpless.
Enemy all around them. They could not rest even for a second. The enemy come as a great wave.

After one group, another group come.. another.. another..
Thousand of bad guy surround them.
Attacking them, like a water flow.
Non stop.
Nothing can be done.


Heavy laughing.
Happy because finally he killed the hero.

Furious eyes.
Bright and fierce.
Could be seen behind the smoke.

Fast and very bright light coming out from the tick smoke. Fly fast and had shoot the soil beside his foe.
He jumped to the other side.
Stand still.
Aware and ready for next move.

From the smoke..
Come the fearless hero.
Floating in the sky with fierce eyes.
He scream loudly..

Aura exploded from his body.
Damage the surrounding and vanish the tick smoke.
He stay there floating and stare to his close enemy. His foe.
With no word spoken.

"The greatest evil emerge.. had emerge.."
His foe whispered.
His leg shake. Sweat fall out from his fore head.
He become weak.
Before he realize. His leg had been stuck to the ground. He could not move.
This is the effect of the bright light that been shoot beside him.
He struggle. Use his power to move his leg, but.. useless.. cannot been broke.
He stuck and wait for his death.

The man standing infront of him not his enemy that he know. With the great power beyond the imagination.
Man of Steel had turn to something could not been predictable. Dangerous. To him, all bad guys.. even to every hero that exist in this world.
His eyes is full of hatred.
His humanity gone.
He not know anything, anyone.. all he see is hate.

The evil hero fly high to the sky leaving his old enemy behind.


Shitsurei shimashita said...

tabik spring wo wa sama lu~ powerful fiction story. Evil Dead

meo188 said...

i'm evil....

alien said...

Shitsurei shimashita;

me too..