15 March, 2009

Ours not good?

Are they new generation not good as the old generation..
Is it?
Ours not good?
Melodi.. the entertainment show running in TV3 every Sunday. As you all know, most of us had seen it even just take a peek at it..
Not to discuss about Melodi. But, one topic that showed by them today. The topic about our artist of course.. more accurate is about our songs sing by local. Are they not really good?

Why our songs or artist not recognized by people at Indonesia, even though the local Indonesia songs also their artist making a lot of money from Malaysia..
Is it about the Quality?
Is it about the Talent?
Is it about the Charm?
Its all about Luck?

Err, reality shows say that they aim to produce the quality artist that is unique and differ from others. They teach vocal, dance and all sort of what ever they says to produce the quality artist to the beginners.
Variety of shows.. OIAM, AF, MI..
The result is quantity product produce..
People so called as singer who could not sell their voice turn to be actor..
The worst is, many Malaysian know they could not sing still turn up to be singer..
When judges says that they do not deserve to be singer..they cried.. huhuhu

Actually, some of new generation had this quality..they just got no chance..
Hope could see a band or solo artist that got quality as Search, Wings, Raihan.. Siti Nurhaliza, Ziana Zain..
Fight till the last blood~

The Indonesia band's achievement is through their hard work.
They compose the good song.. gone hard practice.. hard life..
Just ask to Search or Wings for example.. or Raihan or others that have made a great achievement..
There is no simple way to success and survive in the entertainment industry..

Being an artist is to entertain the other people.
To entertain people is a hard work.. to make people like us also difficult work..

When all composer, singer and the people related with the industry worried about the competition from Indonesia.
Almost of our Malaysian Love and Like to listening Cold Play, Rihanna, Linkin Park, Pussy Cat Doll and others.. Yeah, English songs.. UK, US..
Luckily, Malaysia got small number of radio station that operate in English.. Hitz.. Fly..
Otherwise.. our local will find hard to survive locally.

Ours not good enough..
When we heard it, we know that the song did not have the commercial value.. some of the songs.. not all..
Some artist feel they too glamor and demand the payment while doing the concert.. if they got package.. good voice, good performance.. its ok..
The problem is, they just average at all..

Recently, many people want to be artist..
Even, parents had encourage their son and daughter being a singer..
What the heck?
Why they do that?
Proud with their child.. Huhu
Why they not teach and encourage their child being Ustaz or Ustazah.. Teacher.. Army..
Being useful for society..
Give something that could build up our country.. so that our society could stand with other great country in this world..


So, my advice..
Instead we argue which songs is great.. ours.. indonesia.. UK.. US..
Better we worries on how could we develop our country..
On how to produce a great child..
Focus on how to make our future generation become more quality in term of knowledge, attitude.. their thinking.. would lead to make a better leader than today..



penjenayah.merah.jambu. said...

On how to produce a great child..

err..mungkin mase pregnant itu amalkan minum soya supaya anak menjadi sedikit cerah eh.. hehe.. :P

penjenayah.merah.jambu. said...
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Babyjane[The Juliet] said...

good entry

cHoki2BeSt said...

wah..setuju tetapi biasa la..bila terantuk baru ternadah..

hanya risau invironment anak-anak beta pada masa hadapan..dengan isu remaja sekarang -.-

Kipas said...

nice advice... 100% agree with u... development of our country and produce the next generation are the top priority...

alien said...

soya bagus utk otak..
kene makan selalu nie..

Babyjane[The Juliet];

masa depan negara kita terletak di tangan mereka

mmg dev itu penting dalam menjadi msyarkt dan negara terbilang