26 March, 2009

Powerless Superman

Cont (Chronicle of Pathetic Superman)

He cried because the wound become worse. Lot of blood coming out from the wound. Very bad.

"Who are you?"

"Who are you?
Slowly he said..
With his life till reach the end.

Faint. His see only black. Falling in deep sleep. Drowning in the black dream. Sweat fall out from his forehead.

Not far from the place where Superman fall.
His foe, close enemy search for his body to ensure Superman would never ever exist in this universe.


Human Torch, he is the one that help Superman regain his health. Build up his spirit back. Bring back his strength and determination.
He always backing Superman. Being his weapon. Both of them become good and close friend. All bad guys fear of them, afraid of them. Human Torch and Powerless Superman is the perfect combination. Nothing could break their partnership. Not even single threat would bring them apart.

Even Powerless Superman has become ordinary man.
He is strong because of his friend..
Full of support from his friends even their friends do not really know Powerless Superman well.

Time pass by,
Superman slowly regain back his power. He could FLY high.
Also he got his eyes ability back.

He tried to protect the person that precious to him instead help others too.
Come Batman joining them.
Being Human Torch and Powerless Superman partner in crime.
Batman had become the backbone of the trio.
Supplying the source of technology and knowledge for them.
To kick bad guy butt.

This time, without Batman and Human Torch beside him. Powerless Superman try to help his precious person from the danger. He's alone. Both his friends been busy kick bad guy ass.

Powerless Superman not know the big surprise waiting for him there.
His close foe had set up the trap killed him.
The trap that would cost him lost his ability for longer time than before.
Both his friends could not help him this time.
He must fight it alone.

He fly there as fast as he can.
He could not sense any trouble.

Reach there..
Suddenly, something small and very fast that could not be seen by ordinary eyes come towards Powerless Superman.
He tried to dodge it. Success.

More and more.
The small thing that shine under the sun light come again attack him.
This time not one or two.. but many.
Or could says millions, fly fast and go directly to him.
From every direction.
Not even single space to escape.

Shock and he could do nothing.
Except waiting for his death.

He drop his head down to earth.

p/s; cont


The story is the imagination of the writer.
"Chronicle of Pathetic Superman"

=picture taken from google


aRaBeLLa said...

puyooo dah wat novel pasal superman.. Chronicle of Pathetic Superman..cayalah!huhu

PJ selamba said...

cite apa pulak dah ni?

alien said...


citer ngarut dikala buntu

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