13 March, 2009

PWTC event..

MATTA Fair !!

From 13th March to 15 March..
MATTA stand for Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agent..
Their official website: www.matta.org.my
Come to PWTC and see it by yourself..
I`ve been there..
A lot of travel agency promote their services also their product, ranging from small to big company.. from local agency to international agency..
There got hotel, travel agency, air lines company.. even credit card promotion..

So, if you plan to have a vacation this year.. or honeymoon.. or family day planning for your company.. Why not you visit the exhibition..
There are promotion for the package they serve.. Promotion mean low price..
Erm, rm3 per entry for adult..you will get a goody bag..

Instead of MATTA Fair..
There also an exhibition for the camera..
I`m not sure what the exhibition called..FREE to enter..
They got a lot digital camera devices.. Nikon, Olympus..
I`m not entering the hall, just take a peek at it..
They sale the camera for the promotion price..
So, if you want to buy a new digital camera or buy new gadget for your DSLR.. or else..
Why not you just spend your time at PWTC..

Today is raining,
So, I just get a little bit wet while go there..
Cloudy while I`m back home.. :D

Actually, I got something to do there.. not just visit and take a look at it..
A "Hidden Agenda", is what I`m called it..
or "sambil menyelam, sambil minum air"..



cHoki2BeSt said...

if oni i got time and money to go for a holiday..my hometown are priority huhu

NurFiera Mohd Zain said...

tau dh ape motif en.alien gi ctu

die nk cari pakej honeymoonnnnnnnn

2 yg lame sgt mnyepi



penjenayah.merah.jambu. said...

kalau low price,jgn lupe belikan aku ole2 k?


alien said...

me too

camne na cari pakej hanimon kalo pakej isteri lum ade..

nak ker?

meo188 said...

nak g mane bro?

alien said...

xg memane..
maybe tahun depan baru g memane..
g Matta tue jumpe org..
ade hal sikit..