25 March, 2009

There is no Superman..

Are you qualified to be a Superhero?
Then, if you are.. which one suit you..
Get to know here.
Thanks to Being superhero is COOL, Powerful, Great..
But, behind all of this..
They also got their bad day.. The day that would bring them down to the earth.
The challenging and hardest day would not be imagine by ordinary people.
The problem that they must face it by theirself.

Not because they keep it secret or they reluctant to welcome any help.
Not because of their egoistic or to keep their pride..
Its because the impression..
People see that superhero is the one who gonna solve any problem.
The one who willing help them during worse time, disaster, accident, problem..
The one who got much responsible towards other. The one that can be rely on.
They wrong..

Superhero in real life not as in fantasies.
They got their own problem to solve instead they help to solve other people.
Sometime, even their problem not settle yet. Another people seek for help. With the humanity, he help them and put aside his problem for a while.
Hero should willing to sacrifice right?
Then, they should hold onto theirself not because they arrogant. But since everyone rely on him. To whom should they depend on?

Yes, people come to comfort him. The close people. The people that value their help. A very little that value and appreciate them. He help with sincere heart. With the human heart. To avoid them from depression, moral down. To cheer them, to lighten their day and higher their spirit.

But, what this hero got?
Nothing.. zero.

Not to win the praise. Being well-known. Famous..
Not.. no..

Just show to them.
They are valuable, one of a kind. Unique.
Appreciate them to show they not forgotten.
That all..

The reason is simple..
Because with the open heart they help others during their difficult time. Without any payment.
Don't be like "Kacang lupakan kulit".

I do act like Superhero.. without any special power.
I like Superman.
Long time ago,
I feel like Clark, young boy who stay in Smallville. Young version of superman.
I`m the savior.
The one that could be rely on.
Give support and cheer up others day.
Boost their spirit.

One day,
The Superman been shot by bullet made up by a Kryptonite.
His weakness. The crystal that would vanish the power that Superman had.
Also would cause the death.

Falling from the sky high to the abundant dungeon.
Nothing there..
No living there..
He is alone, waiting for help..
He lost his power and now are feeling the pain before death come.
Hurt and pain what he feel at the wound causing by the bullet.
His view slowly becoming blurr..
Could not hear anything..

Something come to him. Friend or Foe?
Suddenly he see BLACK.. faint.

There is no Superman !!!

p/s; cont
Our hero should be our lovely Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.
Also our Father. Mother.
And the people who teach us the meaning of life.


aRaBeLLa said...

Praise to him ,Nabi Muhamad s.a.w..

p/s-Hukhuk..Superman, pathetic story.. =(

penjenayah.merah.jambu. said...

kaki iye tak sesuai..
seram aku tengok..

alien said...

yea, betul tue

tau seram yer