03 April, 2009

Friday Thought IV

-- Kebersihan itu sebahagian dari Iman.. --

"Open the lid.. the dustbin.." that what my heart says when I see a "Pakcik" with the slumber face throw the banana skin on the dustbin cover after finished eat it.
Before the "Pakcik".. a guy had clean, I mean throw all banana skin that been throw by others people on the lid inside the bin. Nice guy..
Usually, after Jumaat.. I come out late from the mosque.

- In the "Masjid" area, we should keep the surrounding clean. The cooperation from all needs.. not the AJK duty alone.
- Child learn from the adult. So, the "Pakcik" should show the good attitude to the younger one, the good example to be follow.

May the "Pakcik" will realize his mistake one day.

Last night, I went to HBTAR, Klang.
The hygiene,
The family which accompany the patient should throw their waste such as plastic bag, alminium can.. piece of paper to the dustbin la.. haiyaa~

Lot of garbage mess on the floor at the waiting area of Zon Hijau (Kes Bukan Kecemasan).
The cleaner..
Why we must depend to them.
We know, bad hygiene will make our eyes sore when see it right...
We had a sound mind.. we can think.. we had legs.. we had hand..
So, why not just take a few step to the nearest dustbin and throw inside it..
Piece of cake right?

No wonder our seas, river, drain.. very dirty.
No wonder when rainy days.. flood.. flood..
The reason, drain clogs.. why?
Ask yourself laaaa...
Don`t ask local council why this happen..


p/s: picture grab from google


Iliana said...

owh..nampaknya itu pakcik kurang kesedaran sivik..perlu masuk kelas etika nampaknya..

meo188 said...

pakcik tu dah nyanyuk kot?

penjenayah.merah.jambu. said...

aku rase tak cukup tong smpah kat malaysia ni..
cube letak gambar perempuan seksi kat tong smpah,sure sampah penuh hari2..ekekeke

––––•(-•Oº°‘¨ ie3za ¨‘°ºO•-)•–––– said...

hak3,,aku rasa ade logik nye kata2 penjenayah.merah.jambu letak pic pompuan seksi kat tong sampah hahaha..

alien said...

ye, pakcik tue kene belajar

mungkin juga

kalau letak gambar tue, sure hari2 kat berita akan melaporkan kehilangan tong sampah..
industri tong sampah akan terjejas..

––––•(-•Oº°‘¨ ie3za ¨‘°ºO•-)•–––– ;