23 April, 2009

When Nature Says

Earth also got feeling..
Nature could express the feeling..
This when we get when we love earth.
Earth will love us back.

"Picture taken from Kosmo! Online"

This picture taken by Bruno Mazodier at Spitzbergen Island, Norway.
Read more: Here

Maybe this is the feedback from our nature regarding Earth Hour last March.
Love our Nature.
Love Earth.
For the sake of human being.


HuRuL_Aini said...

subhanallah...cool :)

FarhanaLicious said...

wow. lawa betul

meo188 said...

bg kat awek best nie... hhuhuhuhu

penjenayah.merah.jambu. said...

romantik sungguh alam ye...
terpesona aku...

renaye said...


alien said...

yeah, mmg cool

alien said...

To all:
that the miracle of the nature..
Power of the Creator..