17 April, 2009

Youth Media

What is it?
Youth Media
Look at the bottom-right my blog.. that the widget from youth media.
To promote your site among the youth media member..

Is it look cool?
Come on guys.. lets add this widget at your page today..
Just go to their site.
Register and be the member.
It did not cost you anything.


KhairiL's said...

aku nak join gk
tp takut blog aku berat
sbb mcm2 aku letak

meo188 said...

em, xde yg tulih dlm bahase melayu?

nazz said...

mekasih...mekasih dengan info ni.. tapi aku ni youth lagi k ker..? hik hik

alien said...

nuffnang aggap mende ni cam iklan lain..
jadi kalo ade status glitterati.. kene lucut..