29 May, 2009

Black Forest Cake for Everyone!!!

For everyone..
Not to eat, just watch and imagine the taste.. Hah
"Selamat Hari Lahir Abah"
29 hb May is my dad Birthday...

So, me and my sis managed to buy him a cake..
Just a small present to appreciate him..

Where my father picture?
Find it yourself laaa, at previous a.k.a my old post..

Neway, enjoy Weekend you all..
Tomorrow need to fetch my brother at airport..

26 May, 2009

i follow u~

Come.. come..
Visit here : Confession of Confessor. Sound like Professor.
My friend blog actually.
She's bit crazy girl? Notty?
Hahaha.. No la, she a good girl. Even I`m not really know her, but I'm know her.
You all know what I mean right..

How unlucky I am today.. had a minor problem, maybe.. the engine stop working while I`m in hurry to go work.. It`s 8.00am man.. which workshop open early meh!!!
Luckily after several minute the engine alive again.. alive.. alive..
As fast as I could, i ride to nearest workshop wait until it open. Walla~
After change the spark plug (actually, I do not have any spare plug.. ) and change the motor timing..
No problem happen..
My motor.. I love you r, even I have a plan to buy a new bike..
Don`t "merajuk" la..
Hahaha.. You make me "susah hati" lo..

Meet my sister and her boyfriend at Pizza.. Giant, Kelana Jaya.
She buy me dinner..
Next time treat me again r..

24 May, 2009

Moody? Not really...

Selangor win over Kedah 3-1,
Me and my friends enjoy the game live at Stadium Shah Alam,
Thanks to Amri, Rudie and Amirul Hadi for the goals.

I`m not in the mood recently,
Not because of Arsenal finish in 4th place..
Not because McLarren F1 team under perform..

Sometime we experience problem in our live,
Find hard to make the decision,
Afraid the decision would cost us in the future.. afraid to uncertainty.

Confident can manage all, achieve all, solve all..
But, when I face it I feel tremble, afraid.. kind a loser.. afraid and all those kind of bad feeling attack me.. continuously..
Do not like to feel it..
Pain inside killing me..
Would like to scream..

Need a break,
Need a real break.. find peace.. close to nature..
When? Need find a suitable time..

Damn need a new "horse"..
Prefer it green..
Affordable one is ranging about 9k..
Anyone donate me RM 9K.. will you?

11 May, 2009

Easy going day

Hello there!!!
What an easy day. Simple day.
No need to rushing, all run smoothly.
Work done in slow pace. Peace..
No boss, no 2nd boss..
Boss got fracture leg cause of accident, today not come maybe tomorrow he come.
2nd boss got something personal to settle, he take a leave today..
So far so good,
New place new environment.
Today, got 2 girl as new employee been hired by my employer.
Boss should explain the job details to them.
Me? Job not related with them.
Huh, since boss not around they do their own things.. looking there and there.. looking that..
Luckily, Juliana as senior got someting for them to do.
What a boring day for them.
Nothing to do..
Actually, the company I`m working at, just a small growing company around Kelana Jaya.
Got potential to grow and grow in the future.. I see. Heh..
Not forgot,
The contest..
Come and join..