11 May, 2009

Easy going day

Hello there!!!
What an easy day. Simple day.
No need to rushing, all run smoothly.
Work done in slow pace. Peace..
No boss, no 2nd boss..
Boss got fracture leg cause of accident, today not come maybe tomorrow he come.
2nd boss got something personal to settle, he take a leave today..
So far so good,
New place new environment.
Today, got 2 girl as new employee been hired by my employer.
Boss should explain the job details to them.
Me? Job not related with them.
Huh, since boss not around they do their own things.. looking there and there.. looking that..
Luckily, Juliana as senior got someting for them to do.
What a boring day for them.
Nothing to do..
Actually, the company I`m working at, just a small growing company around Kelana Jaya.
Got potential to grow and grow in the future.. I see. Heh..
Not forgot,
The contest..
Come and join..


FarhanaLicious said...

wah. sudah dapat keja ya? bagus la. skrg saya lak pening nak cari keja, hehe

leechon said...

hey..hopefully i can join the contest^^

renaye said...

what contest?

alien said...

just clik the label at the top
"contest @ alien13"